What in the algorithm?

Yes this is actually happening. All I can say is, plan ahead and treat others how you want to be treated as cliche as it sounds.




  • Jordan Peterson, been on Rogan podcast, is starting a new platform that isn't censored. Only pull shit off under court order. Called Thinkspot. Launches in August

    OtakuMagnetOtakuMagnet5 aylar önce
    • @OtakuMagnet it won't work if he can't pay them for it, all's you'll get is rich fucks\ casual posts on it, if he can't pay them then most creators won't do it full time, this is they living

      TearsOf BloodTearsOf Blood3 gün önce
    • they are beta testing now.

      adoracle1adoracle19 gün önce
    • If all the big channels with a million plus subs move to another platform everyone will follow and KILL TRvision and Facebook!

      Trigger HappyTrigger HappyAylar önce
    • It requires a subscription and is like GAB basically.

      Carpe DiemCarpe Diem2 aylar önce
    • Imma foreal check that out!!! Fuck youtube

      Kyle BenoitKyle Benoit3 aylar önce
  • I've always loved Upchurch, man this is some powerful s*** he just spit.

    Alvin RichardsonAlvin RichardsonGün önce
  • Great VIDEO Church.... you're one smart young man.... keep up the great work...!!!!!


    Fred FranceFred France2 gün önce
  • I couldn't agree more. I feel stifled as f on social media. You give your opinion about anything and there's always somebody that'll tell you how wrong and stupid you are. It makes a person not want to say shit. I've recently started making rap music and it has felt so good to say whatever the f I want to say. It's been very therapeutic. I appreciate your videos. Never be afraid to be yourself. Fuggin!

    Nick PowellNick Powell4 gün önce
  • Couldnt have said it any better this is the most serious and truthful video I have seen on youtube in a long time

    Michael WolfMichael Wolf4 gün önce
  • *We're gonna fuck 'em! Fuck 'em, 👏Fuck 'em, 👏 Fuck 'em!*

    Aidan MorrisAidan Morris5 gün önce
  • ALSO, I am an aspiring Singer/songwriter...I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to collaborate with you and possibly show you a few of the lyrics I've written!!!

    Cathy BrownCathy Brown5 gün önce
  • The more you think about it, the more you realize that EVERYTHING we do is super controlled by the government and all the extra bullshit...🙄 Smdh. Anyways... "Up on the roof oh yeah, 100 proof oh yeah.....oh yea, yeah."☺️

    Cathy BrownCathy Brown5 gün önce
  • This shit was honestly deep. Like he was talkin on some real shit!

    Chyanne JohnsonChyanne Johnson5 gün önce
  • Fuck the danm elections

    colton mullincolton mullin5 gün önce
  • You posted this four months ago. I've had your notifications on for 6 months now I am supposed to see every video you upload. I am not seeing this until 4 months later.

    Julie KongJulie Kong5 gün önce
    • sure u did 👌👌👌👌

      TearsOf BloodTearsOf Blood3 gün önce
  • This is so true. There is a group of people that try and are successful at shapeing and control are thoughts. I know people will think I am crazy conspiracy theory guy I am not just see the truth and it's sad because a small group 1% can control and MAKE 95% of people do a think what they try to push whatever the agenda is not trying to get to deep because this could turn into a book but I won't do that long story short they want to divide us because if we all seen it for what it really is and realize we are really are the same maybe not in opinions or way we dress or talk but we all have same struggles and want are family's to have what we need and be happy. WE are the MAJORITY but if we are divided because of whatever reason I like this guy and you don't that makes us enemy's I don't think so I call that a disagreement. If a day ever came that we all truly united we would have the power and could accomplish whatever we the people wanted.

    Jaime MADDENJaime MADDEN5 gün önce
  • 👏👏👏👏

    Victoria Godisforever**Victoria Godisforever**6 gün önce
  • Upchurch.....create the music platform before them. Us skins will be investors!!!

    Wanda HaneyWanda Haney7 gün önce
  • And also I would be careful putting fans in videos. You could get sued or worse. Especially if that fan gets hurt. Please think about where people are coming from and they could have mental illness and all sorts of other things going on. You ignore people like that.

    The Good AmericansThe Good Americans7 gün önce
  • I guarantee if you upload everyday for a month your viewership will go up. It’s not as complicated that you think. Rapping doesn’t keep you out of trouble good mentors, responsible parents and education and no criminal activity keeps you out of trouble. Stay in school kids.

    The Good AmericansThe Good Americans7 gün önce
  • Oh wow. The algorithm favors general audience content. It scans your upload for cuss words and comments and phrases that could be offensive to a general audience. So guess what- it’s not a conspiracy. It’s an issue- when you cuss. They don’t push homosexual content either. It goes based on viewership interests. You only upload once a week or month... you will not be recommended to the viewer. You have to go hard on TRvision to get in favor with the algorithm. Your paranoid. mob mentality and viral paranoia is a thing, you can’t trust everything on the internet.

    The Good AmericansThe Good Americans7 gün önce
  • Something short and simple upchurch..... Thanks....

    Matthew BaughnMatthew Baughn7 gün önce
  • Always spittin facts💯💯💯💯

    Kristopher JablonskiKristopher Jablonski7 gün önce
  • Utmost respect for this man. Keep on going church.! 🙏🏼🤟🏼

    Jacob HendersonJacob Henderson7 gün önce
  • #upchurch gland I watch ur videos

    Paul HoffmanPaul Hoffman8 gün önce
  • I got I on my subscribe Iv been waiting shot upchurch TRvision hardly get my videos out

    Paul HoffmanPaul Hoffman8 gün önce
  • Well said brother (WELL SAID)

    KINGS CourtKINGS Court8 gün önce
  • ♥️♥️♥️ I could watch you forever!

    Sadie TaylorSadie Taylor8 gün önce
  • gotta love a man who has no idea how beautiful he is...you are a very handsome man Ryan. don't tell yourself any different. I marvel at you the time.Makes me wish I were younger...but alas...you have a pure and good heart too. can't say enough. thanks for this video. very generous. I love you dearly. Don't let the bastards get you down.

    adoracle1adoracle19 gün önce
  • Please. Don't change. Your content is literarily the best

    Travis SchooterTravis Schooter9 gün önce
  • I can’t see new shit hhahahaha I thought ppl gave up on posting shit!!!!! Fkn asshole lickers!!!!

    Bigfoot BushcraftBigfoot Bushcraft10 gün önce
  • June 23 lmao hahahaha

    Bigfoot BushcraftBigfoot Bushcraft10 gün önce
  • As a Canadian may the south rise again brother lol truth AF keep on keeping on Upchurch

    Johnny RebelJohnny Rebel11 gün önce
  • That was real bro. Shit made me cry. I wish everyone looked at this like you do.

    Matt TaylorMatt Taylor12 gün önce
  • Bro you are right I watched almost every video and listen to every song somehow this popped up way down deep after watching other videos

    Dylan McmurrayDylan Mcmurray12 gün önce
  • Just now seeing your videos from 4-5 months ago!! (Creek SQUAD)

    Dewayne LongDewayne Long13 gün önce
  • That’s a badass gun in the corner 🤤🇺🇸

    james pipkinjames pipkin14 gün önce
  • I’ve been trying to tell people almost the exact same thing. I don’t judge anyone based off appearance. I may think at first like ‘whoa, that person looks kind of crazy’ but like? Unless they give me any reason based off their actions to treat them any type of way they’re asking to be? I mean? I’m nice to anyone that is me or is nice to everyone else. I’m first to give people back what they’re serving too. But like? If they’re cool and respectful? What do I care what they look like? Live and let live. They can have face tattoos, pants around their ankles, a dude wearing a skirt for all I care. A chick with a beard. Idc. As long as they’re nice? I’m nice back. And treat them the same as anyone else. I don’t like almost ever experience any actual race issues in real life or hardly ever witness any. I live in Canada. It’s almost non existent in this part of Canada. You only ever see it online. There are people of all kinds around, everywhere, all the time around here. Half our population this way are natives. I’m part native. We have native schools and it’s a second language, right next to French being taught in our schools now. Whether they’re native schools or not. And everyone gets along with everyone for the most part. No matter what colour you are. You don’t see like any division here with race. No inner city ghettos with only blacks and only white boys in the hills. It’s a lot of white people in our ghettos, on the streets and in poverty here and plenty of dark folks in our hills too. We’re like the most blended part of the world, probably. Asides the fact.. If there’s any division and discrimination here which still exists? Our rich is favoured over the poor. It’s almost non affordable to live here now unless you’re rich. And people like me who are a woman with kids and are single, definitely have it the worst. I have been oppressed more than anyone I know and am constantly discriminated against. Just for being a woman, my marital status and my family size. Even though, I have been the only consistent parent in my children’s lives and I have less baby daddy’s vs kids. And was a good woman to both men. Who failed us. And then dipped on all responsibilities. And yet somehow it’s still always my fault and I’m expected to face such shame and fault for the rest of my damn life apparently? Always. Never can be their faults, can it? They get to just walk away, shame free. Without any of the responsibility and or accountability. And I just never hear the end of it.. And how it’s always my fault for falling in love and being promised a life and a future with someone who wanted these kids with me as badly as I did? Just because I actually want to be a mom and wanted a large family? But nobody gives an absolute fuck what colour you are at least! So I guess there’s that?

    S RealoneS Realone15 gün önce
  • Well spoken

    dustin wimberlydustin wimberly15 gün önce
  • Man I said and knew this shit.. Way back.. And been preaching it to my kids

    Chris WilliamsChris Williams15 gün önce
  • So true....

    Jesus IslordJesus Islord16 gün önce
  • president 2020-2024

    Avery CarverAvery Carver17 gün önce
  • I am a 54yo white woman. I grew up in a town of about 800 in the mountains of Northern California. I have been aware of some rap and hip hop since my son brought home Em in 2000, but did not really get into it. I love the beat and the music, but as a musical person, lyrics are really important to me, and I just have not been able to relate to rap. What they are saying just doesn't speak to me . No disrespect intended. Even though I am not from the South, I can relate to what you talk about and rap about. I live on the back 40 of BFE; The jump off to the back woods; I would not live anywhere else. Anyway, I just found you last week! I love it! You have Gemini written all over you! You're such a dork one minute, then your twin comes out and you say " No, but seriously." You are awesome; You are real, you have courage, you have a great sense of humor, and you are not hard to look at either....keep it up! Your family must be very proud of you! Much love and appreciation.

    Lori WilkinsonLori Wilkinson17 gün önce
  • Church bro ifeel all your saying bro. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I don't feel odd know hey, There are others like me. God Bless you Church

    Mikey SmittyMikey Smitty18 gün önce
  • UPCHURCH for President

    Nancy PatrickNancy Patrick18 gün önce
  • Yes , absolutely right. I know what throttle back is. I got kicked off FB for 30 days because I repeated the exact words of Sheila Jackson Lee.. They said it was hate speech.. But it's not hate speech for her..

    Nancy PatrickNancy Patrick18 gün önce
  • Amen, I'm the same. Haters going to keep coming, I like to engage & ask what set em off about me. Then educate them I'm correct not pollitically correct. So far no more probs, just be you n ppl will see it, well said sir. Love your videos, hey from new zealand!

    Phat RollaPhat Rolla19 gün önce
  • I think i need to here more the bhagdad reporter this is 2nd time ive heard you do that and it kills me its bad bro 🧨🧨🔥🔥😂🤣

    Brian ValastroBrian Valastro20 gün önce
  • This is the most honest, down to earth Truth I have heard in a long ass time! Love you and everything you do, and tackling the hard subjects!!! Always stay you, stay real! Love Ryan Upchurch!

    Alisha BarberAlisha Barber20 gün önce
  • That right there is sum real shit!💯👏👏 just to let u know, u got a brother n Kentucky 👌

    Michael WagonerMichael Wagoner20 gün önce
  • Black on white crimes or how ever the fuck you want to say it. but it's more black on black crimes remember little girl nick named cupcake in Alabama the was taken it was a black guy that killed her remember the mixed girl that is missing out of Auburn Alabama she was taken by black guys black folks want to go berserk when it's only a black and white thing oh remember all the bloods crips folks gang members that's all black that kill each other and nothing is said but let the white or black cop shoot a black man and all hell breaks loose it don't make no sense

    Gary BrownGary Brown20 gün önce
  • French fan too!

    Le Roux MarcLe Roux Marc21 gün önce
  • ADD rules

    graybeardproductionsgraybeardproductions21 gün önce
  • Did the Chicken Willie music video get taken down?I haven’t seen it on here in along time I’m just wondering

    Jacob ZwahrJacob Zwahr21 gün önce
  • Damn you are everything a man should be ... for real and I appreciate that, not trying to fan girl on you either but I just wanted you to know I appreciate men like you and wish I could meet a guy like you one day (soon I hope lol) Your music is awesome!

    Lovely ChaosLovely Chaos22 gün önce
  • Love this video and great advice throughout thanks skin #RHEC

    larry dellerlarry deller22 gün önce
  • Go Republicans Go...💪🏻💪🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Tommy ArnoldTommy Arnold22 gün önce
  • Only in America with the MSM media & music are the ones creating problems. Im in Queens, where Trump was born, NYC .The melting pot of the world, and we've NEVER had a problem except for skirmishes here and there of the very few brainwashed. It's definitely all ratings and control of money why they're doing it BUT the MSM ANYTHING is sinking hard and fast. Even stocks in those companies too! God Bless All!

    DeeBoyNYCDeeBoyNYC23 gün önce
  • Man I took that as a life lesson that's how the world should be

    Austin PittmanAustin Pittman23 gün önce
  • Damn 🤔 kinda wonder what upchurch videos I've missed in the past couple month

    nathan sosnowskinathan sosnowski24 gün önce
  • Lmao sausage biscuit mind power

    Damion WhitlockDamion Whitlock24 gün önce
  • i hold hardetly agree with this. Excuse my spelling. I have met so many outstanding people from the hood hell im living with a friend who is letting me live here cuz my mom kicked me out and she lived in the hood most her life and has taught me a bunch of life lessons wouldve never learned on my own cuz the difference in how we were raised if we would come together as a community we could stop all the racism and sexism its not that hard to be open minded

    Duck Duck GooseDuck Duck Goose25 gün önce
  • Well said

    Damon HowellDamon Howell27 gün önce
  • 😮😮😮😮🤯🤯

    Francine TempletFrancine Templet27 gün önce
  • Conquer and divide It's their Agenda

    Christine MinerChristine Miner27 gün önce
  • I had to come back and watch this. Steven Crowder just found legit proof of tampering. He could only access his stuff outside of the US or with using a VPN. Same thing with Tulsi Gabbert

    Len Rog5Len Rog527 gün önce
  • Real talk shin!

    Jon WatsonJon Watson27 gün önce

    Rob WhisenantRob Whisenant27 gün önce

    Rob WhisenantRob Whisenant27 gün önce
  • Arran JohnsonArran Johnson28 gün önce
  • Real sh*t

    Mark PeaceMark Peace28 gün önce
  • Speaking of bullshit. Do some research why the bloods and crops colors are the same colors as the Republican and Democrats. Free masonry and satanism is deeper than you think.

    Randall ChapmanRandall Chapman29 gün önce
  • As I sit here, country ass all get out, hammered down in a W900 KW runnin cattle feed from Crete,Ne to Alva,Ok...... and all other days at that.... . This video nailed it Ryan! The insight you have and outlook in"realism " is great! Bud I sit here throughout the day, phone magnetized to dash holder and plugged into the Semi stereo....... The awesome laughs and the sincerity that comes out of you is 🤘. It's great listenin to ya brother! Keep it up and do you! Fuck all these square domed flagrant fucks that have nothin better to do than get on here and shit on someone else's dream...... people HATE seeing others do GOOD!

    CJ RCJ R29 gün önce
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