I also find out my girlfriend is cheating, I'm a millionaire, I might have died, and I do in fact fill in my eyebrows..I'm also a very popular christian rapper..




  • Casually holding a 4,000 dollar guitar at the beginning of the video

    OttoOtto2 gün önce
  • No your comedy is amazing

    TheVeryMagenta PuppyTheVeryMagenta Puppy2 gün önce
  • Brandon Farris. "I'm not that funny". Me. Almost chokes of laughter twice in this video alone. If I die its your fault.

    EwokLeader66EwokLeader663 gün önce
  • i just love that he behaves like a normal human being and doesn't brag About being famous, he still behaves like there is are 10 People sitting in front of him

    PlaycerPlaycer4 gün önce
  • Does your Prius STILL stink??!

    Kailea ShieldsKailea Shields7 gün önce
  • Lol my b-day is June 4

    Lily VargasLily Vargas9 gün önce
  • No your comedy is good as it has somehow made me laugh.... I haven't laughed in 4 years.

    Caolan PhillipsCaolan Phillips10 gün önce
  • "Am I just eyebrows and spiders to you?"

    Dutch Van Der LindeDutch Van Der Linde10 gün önce
  • A reminder to myself 😭: to never drink or eat while watching Brandon

    TannealeTanneale12 gün önce
  • I find it amazing how he can have 14k likes rn but only 59 dislikes amazing

    ari nicoleari nicole13 gün önce
  • My favourite part of his videos are the extremely abrupt endings. My concentration feels like a car crashing into a brick wall, but in a good way.

    Steven WhitbreadSteven Whitbread15 gün önce
  • 1.8 on TRvision in June 2020🤙😎

    Winter BostwickWinter Bostwick16 gün önce
  • I also like Glass Animals, Brandon.

    Casper ChekhovCasper Chekhov17 gün önce
  • Now a days everybody wanna talk like they got something to say but nothing comes out when they move their lips and Mutha Effers act like they forgot about Dre... is that the Eminem Rap you meant? 😝

    Alicia OrsidobsonAlicia Orsidobson20 gün önce
  • 1:41 theresapickleinthemiddleofmyburgerthatwascoveredinchocolate

    KzCreationz & MoreKzCreationz & More20 gün önce
  • One of these days Kelly will respond to him and he will pee his pants

    cheychey21 gün önce
  • loved it

    Momma OMomma O23 gün önce
  • That is one hell of a story.

    The Beast within LopezThe Beast within Lopez23 gün önce
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Tinamarie ADVMTinamarie ADVM25 gün önce
  • Net worth is not the money you have, it’s the total amount of assets you own. I.E. companies, intellectual properties, or domain names. With TRvision monetization, TRvision collects a large share of the ad revenue from videos, which is probably where most of that 2 million is. It can also be in the Brandon Farris name when it appears in various media, and is collected on. Is This Thing On? Productions, my company, has a net worth of 100,000 dollars, but I can only afford ramen. Money is crazy yo

    Jacob Blinn ComedyJacob Blinn Comedy25 gün önce
  • Hey you like Glass Animals! I love them they're amazing! PS: I'm just binging your channel! Just noticed the shirt!

    OneThiccKiwi !OneThiccKiwi !25 gün önce
  • Man I'm a pretty new fan but your google translate food videos make me laugh

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  • This youtuber has cancer😂😂😂😂😂

    Jacksepticeye jacksepticeyeJacksepticeye jacksepticeye26 gün önce
  • a zero-llionaire

    The VanWildersThe VanWilders27 gün önce
  • Oh wow you have the same exact birthday as my brother! The exact same one. Weird. Happy late birthday!

    Kat WillackerKat Willacker27 gün önce
  • “Born June 1991” me: cries myself to sleep because I was also born that year and am nowhere near as successful 😩

    Elizabeth WeisElizabeth Weis27 gün önce
  • Lol

    MarYaM AMarYaM A29 gün önce
  • brandon is wearing make up

    Evan StanhopeEvan Stanhope29 gün önce
  • Ok so can u tell me how you got your screen on this?

    LeAnn DavidsonLeAnn DavidsonAylar önce
  • her family lived on Long Island?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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  • 😂 him correcting everything

    Nikke NNikke NAylar önce
  • I was born 2011

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  • Oh gosh, dude you are better than a vanilla frappuccino with 2 double shots of espresso without the foam in the morning! You rock! #ilovebrandonfarris

    Christopher L. ReddChristopher L. ReddAylar önce
  • Omg I also have 0.0000001 million bucks

    Rahaf AbbasRahaf AbbasAylar önce
  • Brandon: I’m not funny now Me over here dying after watching one of his vids cause I laughed so hard

    IExoticcLDXIExoticcLDXAylar önce
  • U got 1.M dollars that's what it said on Google

    Meagan StamperMeagan StamperAylar önce
  • “And I’ve been payin’ for dinner?!?” On another note, the way you said that reminded me of Stewart. Please let me know you know who Stewart is without my explanation. lol.

    Whitney MichelleWhitney MichelleAylar önce
  • I thought he said "The M&M rap" (as in the chocolate candy) and had no idea what he was talking about.

    Piper BeebeewPiper BeebeewAylar önce
  • Happy birthday

    Elsa MartinezElsa MartinezAylar önce
  • since I am ur boss get back to work slacker!

    Rick HornsbyRick HornsbyAylar önce

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  • "I'm gonna have to eat another spider" 🤣

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  • Wow he’s 22? Mannnnn your VERY young

    Xx Crybaby cookie lps xXXx Crybaby cookie lps xXAylar önce
  • Happy Birthday Brandon!!🎂

    Perfectly PinkieyPerfectly PinkieyAylar önce
  • Happy birthday!!! Mine is tomorrow!! We were almost birthday twins😬

    Isabelle WattsIsabelle WattsAylar önce
  • That was for the LlllorD

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  • Apparently I'm watching this on your birthday. Happy Birthday!

    Sophiophilia PhilosophiaSophiophilia PhilosophiaAylar önce
  • umm your haere is crazy brandon

    IsabelIsabelAylar önce
  • Your comedy is phenomenal

    FoxyRoxy #1horrorfanFoxyRoxy #1horrorfanAylar önce
  • You make me laugh because I don't feel well enough to sleep and walk and i cannot go out only for shopping

    Sophie LarcombeSophie LarcombeAylar önce
  • Does the woman in the picture know about your channel? Have you two met?

    Jeff VeronJeff VeronAylar önce
  • “I don’t get sponsored or anything like that- hAiR”

    Dinkinesh BoutainDinkinesh BoutainAylar önce
  • Brandon is the only youtube’s that makes me laugh

    Frog FoodFrog FoodAylar önce
  • Brandon *looking through famous birthdays* Me *sees corey LA barrie and gets upset*

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  • *Does Brandon dead or alive?*

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  • Boss says good job, you can take the rest of the day off 👍

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  • my birthday is june 6th!!!

    Brooklyn McGrawBrooklyn McGrawAylar önce
  • your the funniest youtuber i watch.that sounded weird,didn't it?

    diamondbb Forgasdiamondbb ForgasAylar önce
  • Best video in a while! I know to be careful what you wish for, but if I hopped online I found I was that popular, GIFS of me and all, I'd be pretty much on cloud 9 lol

    Shannon GreenlawShannon GreenlawAylar önce
  • Did Kelly always have pants or are those newer?

    Jill SudaJill SudaAylar önce
  • 🤣🤣🤣 "and I've been paying for dinner?"

    Julie MaldonadoJulie MaldonadoAylar önce
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  • Did this somebody really not notice that you had a dentist appointment

    Josilyn MartinJosilyn MartinAylar önce
  • im going through his videos and realize his views are going up, he’s got a lot of em in the million and im like “ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME”

    parker guillen-hidalgoparker guillen-hidalgoAylar önce
  • We’re still no closer to know who Kelly is 😂

    Matt MclellanMatt MclellanAylar önce
  • “Oof why would you use that picture...” The people that take pictures for yearbooks: haha lol am I right... 😳

    DredgenXII -DredgenXII -Aylar önce
  • I have your playlist playing until I fall asleep (and after since I can’t just turn it off when I fall asleep) so I hope you get a lot of ad revenue ;) lol. Goodnight :)

    Kelly PattersonKelly PattersonAylar önce
  • I think you should post links to the people sending you death threats. That way all your fans could clog up their phone with death threats! Lol

    Daniel MillerDaniel MillerAylar önce
  • Love you man!! I mean, I got a girlfriend but.. If I were to to you know.. yeah

    Jojje LarssonJojje LarssonAylar önce
  • Brandon freakin killin the rap game 😳🙂

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