What the HELL is Let's Go Ape? (An Uncanny Valley NIGHTMARE)

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This is the most UNCANNY VALLEY movie EVER made. None of y'all are ready for this...
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    SabersparkSaberspark10 aylar önce
    • Actually demons are fire proof so the witch is not dead

      Isaak TerizisIsaak TerizisAylar önce
    • @Richard Rusk glad i'm not the only one wondering

      zeclezecleAylar önce
    • I hate to be that guy but does anyone know where the transition at 20:18-20:20 is from??

      Richard RuskRichard RuskAylar önce
    • in french they couldn't shut the fuck up. it was like watching a video from the worst youtuber who talks so fast and cuts all breathing parts for ten long ass minutes. i can't imagine the hell it must have been to watch it in english...

      zeclezecleAylar önce
    • Hey saber can you review Camp Camp? It’s a TRvision series I think from Rooster Teeth and it has some bad language but still

      Korok BoiKorok Boi2 aylar önce
  • unpopular opinion here, but this movie did okay with the models. Some look really really ugly, like the main character and a few others, but characters look decent: I think the reason they did this sort of thing is because chimps and monkeys generally have human like faces, but certain features are different which make all the difference: two key features that this movie didn’t know whether to implement or not. The eyes, for one: the eyes on these models look too ‘human’ and with the mixture of tony and realism this movie goes for, it just makes the characters look, very creepy. The mouth is kind of odd on some characters, but not the worst. Just lacks canine teeth to make it look like teeth and not, weirdness. Third and most importantly I think are the noses. Monkey noses not only are flatter near the top and less pronounced, but even on the flattened noses, they mostly look too humanly shaped. I will give credit though: the witch doctor character of this movie looks kind of decent! Not perfect, mind you, but not something you throw up just by looking at it. I know the movie was supposed to be about half human/ape creatures, but they could have handled this in a much better way: instead of copy pasting slightly altered human faces onto monkeys or gorrilas, they could’ve had apes with very short fur, no tail. Perhaps even a beta version of clothing, or something! :p Overall it’s an alright concept but I believe they swayed too far in making the characters monkey like that when they added human elements, it looked bad.

    Terezi PyropeTerezi Pyrope9 saatler önce
  • They coudlve done a much better job with edwards hand situation by just giving him an unfortunate birth defect. It wouldve also made the begining much more sensible

    Lahvi's Delivery ServiceLahvi's Delivery Service16 saatler önce
  • Ngl I actually thought The Croods was a great movie. I feel like it’s pretty underrated.

    I want pancakesI want pancakesGün önce
  • He's so small - monkey

    miamat15 The gamermiamat15 The gamerGün önce
  • My eyes: exists This movie: would you like your eyes to throw up?!

    Møccî GačhaMøccî GačhaGün önce
  • Something bizarre...

    TruTubeTruTubeGün önce
  • 12:29 LOL

    ****2 gün önce
  • i heard mosas say nooooo ! in the backround 17:10

    konrad .fkonrad .f3 gün önce
  • What the hell is that cover 2:24

    AzaleaAzalea3 gün önce
  • He always has a hand in a pocket

    AzaleaAzalea3 gün önce
  • Damn, I've seen some uncanny valley things that have made me uncomfortable but these hell monsters are just genuinely disturbing. Also, the dubbing somehow makes it even worse.

    BoyBlunder66BoyBlunder664 gün önce
  • Most of the character designs are based of french actors and.... I never realised as a kid how ugly it was

    elisa -elisa -4 gün önce
  • In watching this while waiting for The scary finding nemo

    Armando acala AlcalaArmando acala Alcala4 gün önce
  • It looks like the live action Cats but animated over again

    ÆRoÆRo5 gün önce
  • Wishing death on the ape at the beginning... It's still bad, even if he's fictional.

    Shane LancasterShane Lancaster5 gün önce
  • I Strong Monkey man,have a dream

    GreninjaGreninja5 gün önce
  • This isn’t important but I’ve been watching Saberspark for over a year now and I just realized that his character doesn’t have a nose

    Wild heart10Wild heart106 gün önce
  • This actually could of been a good movie, but They Just Had To Fuck Up-

    Lodac1977Lodac19776 gün önce
  • To say "pathé" like a french would, you have to pronounce the "a" like in "cat", the "h" is mute so you have to pronounce the "t" and "é"... I don't know how to explain it but there's only one way in french

    Coco and PalsCoco and Pals6 gün önce
  • Buff Monkey: "HES SO SMOL" Why was that delivery so funny?

    Kate RowrowKate Rowrow6 gün önce
  • I’ve always hated the “hi I’m Paul” monkey as a kid. I still do. It’s creepy asf 😑

    Brown skin_ GirlBrown skin_ Girl7 gün önce
  • *plush monkey lips*

    terrariachestterrariachest7 gün önce
  • I guess when you dont know Jamel it seems pretty weird the hand in pants thing but in France hes like really famous so everyone knows x)

    Lory LainéLory Lainé7 gün önce
  • So where's the let's watch?? I want to see your reactions xD

    Vea VVea V8 gün önce
  • Saber, for the love of god, PLEASE... NEVER say the words PLUMP, LUSCIOUS, and MONKEY LIPS, in the same sentence EVER AGAIN.

    Triple_Shot_DepressoTriple_Shot_Depresso8 gün önce
  • 22:33

    konrad .fkonrad .f8 gün önce
  • 10:15

    konrad .fkonrad .f8 gün önce
  • “HI IM PAUL” bruh he sounds like sheen from jimmy neutron

    LazyBruh 64LazyBruh 648 gün önce
  • I think animal kingdom is a ripoff of the croods

    Ranu Ali TVRanu Ali TV8 gün önce
  • So I watched this movie (before finding your channel). I'm not English so it was a different translation. And it was good. There wasn't any cuts (it was made 12+). And in translation, they added many good jokes, and the mountains where mentioned more times, and the scene with leaving after the love interest was explained better and wasn't that rude. It wasn't a fantastic movie, the animation was weird but I think we can just say they wanted for them to look human but not so I didn't mind it that much. And it was made as a funny comedy. Summarizing it was funny for teens it had some jokes that were good and the plot was kind of solid (it's only my opinion and it's for translation to my language, not English or French version)

    Kasia AndrzejewskaKasia Andrzejewska8 gün önce
  • Pathé is pronounced like pah-they, just so you know :)

    Meike DeenMeike Deen8 gün önce
  • Did not except Sylvanas to pop out

    Lillian HLillian H9 gün önce
  • Wow, 2 entire TF2 references

    Godzillaboi1029Godzillaboi10299 gün önce
  • and I thought Cats was bad..

    Lucifera LovesickLucifera Lovesick9 gün önce
  • i don’t think it looks that bad

    Mr. ChrisMr. Chris9 gün önce
  • Yes the characters look terrible but the backgrounds are ok

    Gift to the FutureGift to the Future9 gün önce
  • 14:38 didn’t even notice the transition at first

    Xiofo XOXXiofo XOX9 gün önce
  • He so smol!!!

    Reimon GruberReimon Gruber10 gün önce
  • When you said he put his hand in his pants I was hoping it would be an Al Bundi reference

    Novatryx WardNovatryx Ward10 gün önce
  • Wait why is there magic bugs in a movie about evolution?

    Ultimate Trash BoyUltimate Trash Boy10 gün önce
  • This movie makes me want to vomit

    Aveneer HoloduAveneer Holodu10 gün önce
  • WTch foodfight

    DroidLocks6971DroidLocks697110 gün önce
  • Pleaes kill them kill the monkys😬😬😆😐😂

    J FronJ Fron11 gün önce
  • main character kinda looks the the "have you dreamed this man" guy

    marshjellomarshjello11 gün önce
  • I'm french, and if the movie is still horrible, it is better when you are french, because Debbouze and the stressed monkey (who is an hommage to a french actor) are monumental in our cultural background.

    kittykittyeykittykittyey11 gün önce
  • When the ape who’s name I forget who tried to touch luci and then got shoved back by the tornado I chocked xD

    bennybeetvbennybeetv11 gün önce
  • Consider my high opinion of The Croods effectively bashed. jk, but I do love that movie so much

    bourgeoisHellionbourgeoisHellion11 gün önce
  • *shrug* I guess have a high threshold for nightmare-fuel visuals

    Olivia YeatesOlivia Yeates12 gün önce
  • Animation, Illustration, Experimentation, Instrumentation, Rationalization, Revelation...

    grande1900grande190012 gün önce
  • I actually really liked this movie

    King EddieKing Eddie12 gün önce
  • For the defensse pf the film it was not made for international distribution and debbouze is well nown in france like a lot of the acting the nervous monkey is a reference to the very famous acting of louis de funés .

    WolgrimWolgrim12 gün önce
  • Actualy ist an french movies who us the same horrrible humour like any other rubish french comedie but with horrific design. I have seen the french version in vo because it s my country And welle the american doublage is terrible

    WolgrimWolgrim12 gün önce
  • Hey french here: 2nd try for Debouzze is correct ( *de bouz* kinda) ! And Pathé sound like *Pat-hey*.

    EstawnEstawn12 gün önce
  • The "he's so smol" bit with the kitty cat killed me XDXDXDXD

    Celine B.Celine B.13 gün önce
  • I see Nicolas Cage face at 6:30

    r8Rusoskir8Rusoski13 gün önce
  • I am French and actually was a little offended ! Just kidding x) but I love jamel debouze and the movie actually seemed really good I find

    Jessica BauerJessica Bauer14 gün önce

    Eli LackeyEli Lackey14 gün önce
  • Though the thumbnail was a young Robbie Williams 😂

    Obionemore SliceObionemore Slice14 gün önce
  • Prehistoric man babies were actually bigger than modern humans. Modern humans are born too early so our massive heads fit out of the pelvis. If pelvis' were big enough human pregnancy would be a lot longer

    Al BAl B14 gün önce
  • If you wanna know how it's prnounced: PAH T AY with the first a, next to the P, pronounced with the french intonation ! (or like AH )

    GeekregGeekreg15 gün önce
  • "Hi I'm carl" vibes

    Angel QAngel Q15 gün önce
  • The entire vid reminded me of one Tarzan meme: “Yo was Tarzan a virgin till he met Jane or was he clappin’ gorilla cheeks before that?”

    Mehrlo Le PootMehrlo Le Poot15 gün önce
    • Don’t like this

      Maddie was hereMaddie was here8 gün önce
  • Every time you make a Tf2 reference, I love you even more

    Hypnotic SirenHypnotic Siren15 gün önce
  • Wait- *Other people* have seen this movie too??

    Dark and soulless OneDark and soulless One15 gün önce
  • Wait there's a plot?

    somebody thatslonlysomebody thatslonly15 gün önce
  • They are australopithecus

    Milica CvijovicMilica Cvijovic15 gün önce
  • If you haven't checked out Space Chimps, please review that one. I remember it like a fever dream and it would definitely make for an interesting video.

    Brynne on the UkeBrynne on the Uke15 gün önce
  • Anybody else notice that Edward’s bad hand sometimes switches from left to right?

    Sydney SlaughterSydney Slaughter15 gün önce
  • 8:32 did you hear that bleep?

    KogamaweirdnessKogamaweirdness15 gün önce
What the HELL is Let's Go Ape? (An Uncanny Valley NIGHTMARE)