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  • I have one time I started watching Robbie and then I was all like what is this and then when I started watching it again I just couldn’t stop and I kept watching over and over and over and over and over crazy right

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  • There was a bird in the store and it pooped in my hair!

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  • For me in school after sharpening pencil after accidentally put sharpener in to the bin

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  • All the crafts are soooooo cool robby

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    • All the crafts are soooo cool robby

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  • I did it once I was trying to do away this thingy that my cat was messing with and then accidentally do away my cats toy

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  • I never seen your hair pink before like when did you diet pink who died it pink that is so cool I only seen it blonde and blue how did you do that

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  • Adventure time song at the end I think

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  • Love this but his voice is anoing and sounds

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  • 0:40 me is kinda relatable but the bag is closed and its heavy full of books and when i lean over the bag goes over my head and i just do a front roll unexpectedly.

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