Which is The Strongest Helmet? Hydraulic Press Test!

Learn more about Specialized helmets and ANGI: trvision.net/detail/video-YamAsuCn4Og.html How strong are different types of helmets? Are expensive helmets better than cheap ones? We will find out that by using our 150 ton hydraulic press and 150 ton force sensor!
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Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!
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  • The Swedish war helmet made on the worst messes ever. There was tiny cabbage particles all around the workshop after that :D Here is also pretty good helmet video with the smashinator trvision.net/detail/video-OcvEde1FlE0.html and even worse mess :D

    Hydraulic Press ChannelHydraulic Press Channel2 aylar önce
    • As a Swede I really enjoyed watching that helmet spray "cabbage gas"! Beware! :D

      VampirizationVampirization24 gün önce
    • Any plans to test helmets with the Smashinator?

      MrSaywutnowMrSaywutnowAylar önce
    • Just gotta say that motorcycle helmets are supposed to crack and dissipate the force of a crash around the helmet, therefore it brakes sooner than expected

      Elliot NordhElliot NordhAylar önce
    • How dare you desecrate our fine military's equipment!? If you ever come to Stockholm, I'd have to punish you with lukewarm Swedish mellanöl! That'll teach you a lesson :)

      David IgraDavid IgraAylar önce
    • Can you link to the kevlar helmet please?

      Sam MeeSam MeeAylar önce
  • This is how you make cabbage juice in Finland

    Pace SettenbrinoPace SettenbrinoGün önce
  • This video is practically useless, helmets are built for stopping high speed, dangerous objects. Sustained pressure doesn't prove anything about how strong the helmet is.

    ColgateGator •ColgateGator •2 gün önce
  • The helmets were not made for hydraulic presses

    Jyotishman BarmanJyotishman Barman3 gün önce
  • 4:24 and 8:28

    Ashwin B AchuAshwin B Achu4 gün önce
  • I wonder how they both have sex, Anne probably says: Yes, yes, yes crush my pussy!

    Steve ISteve I6 gün önce
  • bayangin kalo pala lu di press

    Juan nickelJuan nickel8 gün önce
  • Now I really want to know what Terminator's head was made up of. He took it like a G, until that tiny red light went out from "his" eyes. One of the most saddest and tragic moments in cinematic history (sniff!) I mean, that was a big ass press, man. I need me some of that.

    Twizted TransistorTwizted Transistor9 gün önce
  • 'We are going test some helamets".. so the first helamet is... 😂😂😂

    Malintha Suraj SiriwardhanaMalintha Suraj Siriwardhana12 gün önce
  • This makes me want one of those super aerodynamic racing helmets just to walk around ... for some reason.

    Anomilumi ImulimonaAnomilumi Imulimona13 gün önce
  • Imagine ur own dick loo

    zenixzenix14 gün önce
  • Your best video ever!

    Stephen LawrenceStephen Lawrence16 gün önce
  • Thats a Cabbagehead

    Dexter EstacionDexter Estacion16 gün önce
  • sponsored by specialized *destroys their products*

    Qwerty [GD] why do I get subsQwerty [GD] why do I get subs17 gün önce
  • Helemets

  • I challenge you to crush formula one Helmet..

    Pukito KihoPukito Kiho17 gün önce
  • 0:40 look like someone's hair.

    황수민황수민18 gün önce
  • He said helemet for helmet

    AXL IS CUTEAXL IS CUTE18 gün önce
  • who put their head under a 150 ton press

    Steffi CaulfieldSteffi Caulfield19 gün önce
  • That's a lot of cole slaw...

    Baruch Ben-DavidBaruch Ben-David19 gün önce
  • Totaly wrong way to test helmets

    evgenyatevgenyat20 gün önce
    • But totally right way to entertain those of us who are easily amused...

      Baruch Ben-DavidBaruch Ben-David19 gün önce
  • Helemet nö helmet

    XEROX Der GamerXEROX Der Gamer21 gün önce
  • so....if you need to protect your head. Best mtn bike helmet or just kevelar

    TGLymantaisteTGLymantaiste21 gün önce
  • All helmets provide protection after an accident provided some misguided fool tries to help you by taking it off.

    Richard JoyceRichard Joyce22 gün önce
  • Best Cabbage Juicer, ever.

    Matt KimballMatt Kimball22 gün önce
  • I think the first helmet would have break esealy wuthout the balll

    LILTROOP gamingLILTROOP gaming22 gün önce

    mesut kaymakmesut kaymak26 gün önce
    • You have probably the worst name in history

      AXL IS CUTEAXL IS CUTE18 gün önce
    • Actually uf you were from another place boy youre English would suck stupid

      AXL IS CUTEAXL IS CUTE18 gün önce
    • Chill

      AXL IS CUTEAXL IS CUTE18 gün önce
  • Wondering if you guys now uploaded a vid to a cooking channel on how to make Sauerkraut or something..

    Qwerty QwertyQwerty Qwerty26 gün önce
  • Strong fucking cabbage !

    flnthrn2flnthrn2Aylar önce
  • ''helemet''

    BlueMatterZ ツBlueMatterZ ツAylar önce
  • It's inconclusive, these tests are useless. A helmet is for shocks

    André FleurietAndré FleurietAylar önce
    • Missed the point *_#LMAO_*

      spider lovespider love26 gün önce
  • HeLeMEnT

    Dylan KurtzDylan KurtzAylar önce
  • Modern helmets against older helmets not really a fair comparison.

    Mick MartinMick MartinAylar önce
  • It's funny how this guy talks rally-english but still makes it fluent. Torille!

    SalemanSalemanAylar önce
  • The problem is the cabbage ads a variable of its own pressure test. The first 2 helments were in the 1000kg range befor the split off the still hole cabbage. Where as the moterbike helments the cabbage has ni berring on it. Should have done it with out the veggie for consistent numbers

    Dragothic GamingDragothic GamingAylar önce
  • "Helemet"

    OmartiniOmartiniAylar önce
  • Rautapellonkatu 15, 33700 Tampere, Finland

  • 0:01

  • 61.4882034, 23.8309598

  • The E-Bikes are the big thing at the moment. They seem to eat the chain pretty quickly so it measures over 1mm longer on a bicycle chain gauge than a new one. Could you make a break test for bicycle chains with the hydraulic press? I work as a bike mechanic and there are big differences on the stretching on some different types. Terkkuja Malmilta; katsotaan kaikki videot tyttökaverin ja kissan kanssa !

    Markku LehtonenMarkku LehtonenAylar önce
  • he talks like peter sagan🤣

    DanielaDanielaAylar önce
  • its helmet not helemet

    EvrenEvrenAylar önce
  • Suami PERKELE!

    EpeliGamingEpeliGamingAylar önce
  • There was not "holly sh*t" moment in this video

    Ernesto AparicioErnesto AparicioAylar önce
  • Listening to the voice makes me tired

    VulgarisVulgarisAylar önce
  • 9:15 Anyone remember Will it blend?

    The WandererThe WandererAylar önce
  • This does not convince me to wear helmets XD

    Night StarNight StarAylar önce
  • Did you get the smell away?! xD

    Maria NyströmMaria NyströmAylar önce
  • For the record, none of this has anything to do with the actual safety of any of these helmets. Helmets are far more about minimizing the force of the blow than being intact if a car were to land on you. The way these were loaded and the relevance to real world situations makes this test meaningless for any scientific analysis of helmet integrity. Just sayin.

    NunyaBusinessNunyaBusinessAylar önce
  • i´d love to see an actual human head in there

    Le VolpeLe VolpeAylar önce
  • helemet helemet helemet 😌😳

    ahmad gaffarahmad gaffarAylar önce
  • "helemets"

    F HF HAylar önce
  • holy shit

    Paul DavisPaul DavisAylar önce
  • slipperi roks

    SuicideinsilenceSuicideinsilenceAylar önce
  • Cabbage juice maker

    AevThe NotSoGreatAevThe NotSoGreatAylar önce
  • H E L E M E T

    ParrataParrataAylar önce
  • That 5th helmet would have had a real "sour kraut" in it after that press

    James NeallyJames NeallyAylar önce
    • @James Neally hahahaha lol 😄

      SCPKing1835 - The Soviet OnionSCPKing1835 - The Soviet OnionAylar önce
    • @SCPKing1835 - The Soviet Onion no i mean it like i said it. The german in the helmet would have been a sour kraut cause his head was smashed in

      James NeallyJames NeallyAylar önce
    • You mean sauerkraut? r/boneappletea

      SCPKing1835 - The Soviet OnionSCPKing1835 - The Soviet OnionAylar önce
  • 8:11 I theenk I ave to stop eets heeting our commaras

    science maniacsscience maniacsAylar önce
  • The whole point of a motorbike helmet is that it should crush to dissipate the impact. The ballistic and WWII helmet have a different purpose - they are intended to deflect shrapnel, and also to protect you from rocks and dirt kicked into the air by artillery.

    Paul MurrayPaul MurrayAylar önce
  • I don't think anyone would put my head under a hydraulic press.

    science maniacsscience maniacsAylar önce
  • Really???? A SALAD????

    Ábel HorváthÁbel HorváthAylar önce
  • Wow

    lack92 Riccardo Liambolack92 Riccardo LiamboAylar önce
  • Why did u kill the swedish army helmet.

    Niklas Mähler BlomNiklas Mähler BlomAylar önce
  • Huh, he’s finnish

    RazeiRazeiAylar önce
  • We are selling exohelm.com

    Cyber Media IntelCyber Media IntelAylar önce
  • Wow the cheap bicycle helmet is absolute gabbage

    Funkn'tFunkn'tAylar önce
  • Not a very fair experiment for the motorbike helmets because of their opening for the visor that makes them bend and break easily when pressed by hydraulic press.

    Nicholas LuNicholas Lu2 aylar önce
  • Video starts at 1:00

    Ryan GoodfriendRyan Goodfriend2 aylar önce
  • Where have bought the Kevlar helmet?

    Tom SchmidtTom Schmidt2 aylar önce
  • If you want to take hydraulic crushing to the most extreme level, do hydraulic press vs hydraulic press.

    NicoTVNicoTV2 aylar önce
    • @DerpGaming bahaha

      Sizzle DOGSizzle DOG5 gün önce
    • @DerpGaming ALready been done

      BingBong 1234BingBong 123424 gün önce
    • thats actually not a bad idea aside from the fact that it is.

      DerpGamingDerpGamingAylar önce
Which is The Strongest Helmet? Hydraulic Press Test!