Whiskey Ginger - Cody Ko - #084

Santino sits down with Cody Ko (Tiny Meat Gang) to chat about smoking pot with deaf parents, Cody's new PG-13 OnlyFans site, making apps in silicon valley and to not eat mussels while traveling.
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  • please have noel on

    FalsclarityFalsclarity23 saatler önce
  • I thought I was losing my mind, but he is on autotune still. XD

    theflowerheadtheflowerhead3 gün önce
  • Listened to the audio and was like “wtf is uo w the auto tone?!” Come here and see this dudes comment. Lmfao.

    ALX 8721ALX 87215 gün önce
  • My two favorite podcasts fused into one

    Colh BeezyColh Beezy9 gün önce
  • dude these guests have been FIRE

    Robby_skazRobby_skaz12 gün önce
  • why didn’t this ginger man say anything about the auto tune that’s so funny

    Carly HoffmanCarly Hoffman13 gün önce
  • Did no one realize Cody had autotune on 😂

    Reagan ButrumReagan Butrum20 gün önce
  • A littLe SlIcE of THe PiEEEeE

    James PerrinJames Perrin21 gün önce
  • You know what is better than a plug for raycon earbuds? Actually wearing them throughout your podcast instead of Dre Beats.

    Connor JacksonConnor Jackson24 gün önce
  • Cody must’ve gotten the chip

    Anika T.Anika T.27 gün önce
  • I really hope TMG goes on TFATK with chris delia bobby lee or theo von, that whole squad, joe rogan too

    Denton LewisDenton Lewis27 gün önce
  • What are the earbuds Cody is wearing?

    H ZH ZAylar önce
  • I had a professor named Dykhouse, pronounced Dyke House. She was married, I'm thinking he should have taken hers, or was her name even worse and that was the better option?

    Bry GuyBry GuyAylar önce
  • oh my- a comment section barreling with comedic originality eg. "CODY KO blablabla AUTOTUNE yaddayadda & KEPT ON!!! ooohh Ahhh epic level distancing Alla de precisively 6feet of sensory auras. ☆stay safe by independent isolation in bubble-like structures. |♡| elaborate scientific analysis of detailed instructions brought to you by the award winning cinamagraphic masterpiece "Bubble Boy investigative findings". Do your part and order you bubble boy pandemic infection da isolation ath-leisure line of apparel. get yours while were still in stock!!!!

    T- BoneT- BoneAylar önce
  • Going to Germany is a huge travel abroad opportunity for engineering majors

    Alexandra BarkerAlexandra BarkerAylar önce
  • Our friend Cheeto here is legendary just watched him as a extra in a old MTV punk video with Miley Cyrus and Justin bieber 😭💀

    Pleb BPleb BAylar önce
  • The New World Order demands it...

    Mr PicklesMr PicklesAylar önce
  • andrew santino go on joe rogan pod cast..... iam drunk but still a GOOD IDEA ...

    Mr PicklesMr PicklesAylar önce
  • In Massachusetts Gloucester is pronounced (gloss-ster)

    Beesus ChristBeesus ChristAylar önce
  • Oh shit, Andrew predicted Cody's Garbrandt's KO over Raphael!

    VDiabloV1VDiabloV1Aylar önce
  • Okay cody might have left his auto tune on but no one is talking about the fact Andrew said nothing about it😂😂

    HartlessHartlessAylar önce
  • realizing that cody didn’t turn his auto tune on on purpose made me laugh harder than him just talking with the auto tune

    MMAylar önce
  • god i wish they were together, i love both of them as comics and their chemistry in person would be so great!😭

    234thebeast234thebeastAylar önce
  • Cody has perfect teeth.

    Kayla AndersonKayla AndersonAylar önce
  • I want a podcast with just you two

    1 21 2Aylar önce
  • auto tune in demo mode???? cmon

    Shin ClancyShin ClancyAylar önce
  • I was going to ask why Cody sounds like he has the T Pain auto Tuner on?? Lol

    Devilish ScentsDevilish ScentsAylar önce
  • I’m fucking crying about the auto tune 😂😂😂😂😂

    Brittany JohnsonBrittany JohnsonAylar önce
  • 1:08:14. That definitely aged

    JakeJakeAylar önce
  • Wow, worlds really colliding here. Never thought these two would meet. Very cool.

    TacticalSprayTacticalSprayAylar önce
  • Cody did whippets 😂😂

    Pleb BPleb BAylar önce
  • Turn off the stupid auto tune.

    mikemorrison281mikemorrison281Aylar önce
  • I would love to see Cody in the next season of Dave

    itsadgeitsadgeAylar önce
  • Finally he got Kanye on the podcast

    Mayzee's MindMayzee's MindAylar önce
  • Carabas mussels are pretty good tho

    Bob BobBob BobAylar önce
  • hi you've asked for recommendations in the past- tmg on bad friends would be hilariousssssss thank you

    Emmy BeeEmmy BeeAylar önce
  • .. am I the only person who thinks this Cody person is so god damn uninteresting

    Sweet DeeSweet DeeAylar önce
  • Vegan.

    CrispyCrispyAylar önce
  • 46:47 that slice of the pie hit different

    DCoverProductionsDCoverProductionsAylar önce
  • Is there anywhere I can like vote or post for santino to come to my city and do a show? He really needs to come to Richmond, VA

    Tyler VestTyler VestAylar önce
  • its pronounced GLOSS-TER not GLAW-STER

    TashaTashaAylar önce
  • HOW did they not realise Cody's autotune? is it some technical thing

    Chris FranksChris FranksAylar önce
  • Kinda disappointed that Cody's last word or small frase wasn't 'taste like piss'

    WietskeWietskeAylar önce
  • One of my favorite T-pain interviews.

    Branislav MalesevicBranislav MalesevicAylar önce
  • Yeah but those he burn though

    Jonathan CernaJonathan CernaAylar önce

    Chris WeisbeckerChris WeisbeckerAylar önce
  • What is up with the autotune

    RachelRachelAylar önce
  • Cody is really showing his age by forgetting about the autotune

    WOAHcelestegoesWOAHcelestegoesAylar önce
  • Love u Cody

    RachelRachelAylar önce
  • 10:47 voice of an angel

    itsbrandonbushitsbrandonbushAylar önce
  • PLEASE have Noel Miller on next, it would really complete the ensemble

    Finn BaughmanFinn BaughmanAylar önce
  • “Why do they call in University in Canada” . Lives in LA literally has UCLA

    Jared RenzJared RenzAylar önce
  • This episode was frictionless lol. I need more worlds colliding. Get Christian and Jimmy on Whiskey Ginger and Bad Friends ASAP.

    Beltazzar SmallsBeltazzar SmallsAylar önce
  • The podcast I never knew I needed

    ohlookitsmitchohlookitsmitchAylar önce
  • If you ever find yourself at a Whiskey Cake you should DEFINITELY get the mussels

    Summer DavisSummer DavisAylar önce
  • before he was cody ko, he was cody code

    GavinGavinAylar önce
  • 58:00 it was frictionless

    Waseem SenjerWaseem SenjerAylar önce
  • Lmaooo I can’t listen to this with this auto tune shit 😂💀

    iseemusiciseemusicAylar önce
  • Noel Miller Next!

    jamarcusjamarcusAylar önce
  • "What cop is working over time during this pandemic" didnt age well at all

    LucasLucasAylar önce
  • I like how there’s a raycon add but he’s wearing beats the whole podcast

    Dakota BrownDakota BrownAylar önce
  • Cody: 🎵🎶😎🎶🎵 Audience: 😩🙏🤤💦👉👈

    AliceAliceAylar önce
  • I love that most of the comments are on the auto tune and nothing else ....poor old man can’t get a break

    Madeline FreethMadeline FreethAylar önce
  • Cody yelling in autotune: tHe aLLeN kEy!!!! has me dying

    Ava ClareAva ClareAylar önce
  • Alright, let's take a listen.

    Jeff FryJeff FryAylar önce

    Hunter SheltonHunter SheltonAylar önce
  • Jesus santino can go on a tangent... you got a guest my man!! Lmao

    Ry TheGuyRy TheGuyAylar önce
  • someone pls make a supercut of all the autotune moments 😭😭😭

    Esme LEsme LAylar önce
  • ˡᶦᵗᵗˡᵉ ˢˡᶦᶜᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵗʰᵉ ᵖᶦᵉᵉᵉ 46:54

    Esme LEsme LAylar önce
  • LiTTLe sLiiiiiCEEE oF tHe PiiiiiE

    Collin BradyCollin BradyAylar önce
Whiskey Ginger - Cody Ko - #084