"Who Is The Colored Man?" A brief look at the 2nd Degree in our 1-10

This is a short breakdown of the second question in our Student Enrollment.
For many year blacks in America have referred to themselves as "Colored People" among many other false names due to a lack of self study. When the science of colors and understanding human pigmentation come into play, many of the falsehoods begin to vanish. As 5%ers in the Nation of Islam we are taught that the Caucasian white man is the real devil. He is the only individual who has lived out every expression of devilishment we can think of. He isn't a natural human being because he was grafted from the Aboriginal People of the planet. This teaching is a scientific based study dealing with the ways and action of a people.



  • As salaam alaikum Peace to the righteous family. Powerful, Right and Exact build brother. The Iceman's Inheritance book by Michael Bradley(White man) is a deep book when it comes to the nature of the white man. Facts. Peace God.

    Ori BarakaOri BarakaYıl önce
  • Great build, Daysun.

    Marco JahMarco JahYıl önce
  • Peace God. Keep building strong. I truly appreciate your builds. Don’t really understand the riffs between NGE as far as Muslim Gods go. We are the 5% Nation of Islam period. Peace

    roy dickenzroy dickenzYıl önce
    • True indeed akee! We have always been the 5% NOI but many people don't know that because the 5%ers have been so misrepresented over the years people think we are something other than self. I don't have a problem with other sects of 5%ers, I just want everybody to stick to the script and stop tampering with the Teachings. The Father nor any of the Elders changed the words of Elijah Supreme Wisdom Lessons. Anyone found doing that isn't the True & Living God, they are just imposters... Just that simple! Peace 7

      The M.G.C. NetworkThe M.G.C. NetworkYıl önce
"Who Is The Colored Man?" A brief look at the 2nd Degree in our 1-10