US vs German Squads (Mid-1944) Who was Superior? | Animated History

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Behind the Scenes:
To begin a new series for the channel, we seek to answer this question: between the United States and Germany, who had the superior infantry in World War 2? Using historical analysis to gather data on their weaponry, tactics, training, and other key factors, we have developed a program to simulate thousands of battles under various conditions and determine an answer. Will the American M1 Garand outclass the German Karabiner 98k? Will the United States be outsmarted by German tactics? Cast your vote, enjoy the video, and contribute your own thoughts in the comments below!
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Bibliography: page 139-142 pages 121-126
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  • Protect yourself online by using ExpressVPN. Get 3 extra months free by using this link: Which two nations do you want to see covered next? If you guys enjoyed this video, we can release our battle simulator on our website! **SPOILERS** --- BEHIND THE SCENES: An explanation to the American victory: You are taking highly trained, freshly equipped, and battle-hardened (Italy & Africa) American troops, against mid-1944 static German infantry in Normandy. These troops don't even have enough supplies to be maneuvered, hence the name static. They were not the disciplined soldiers you would find on the eastern front. Regular infantry in this region comprised of foreign conscripts and wounded Germans. If we were talking about Grenadiers, Waffen SS, Panzergrenadiers, Volksgrenadiers, Fallschirmjaeger, or even just standard German infantry from 1940-1943 we'd probably see a German victory. Even still, we came to the conclusion these quickly thrown together units would win 46% of the time, which is extremely impressive. In fact, our simulation stated that the Germans would win 55% of the time in rural environments, when the Americans are being engaged at further ranges, negating one of the main advantages of the fast-firing semi-automatic M1 Garand. --- A note about the simulation: The team did not blindly depend on the simulation to write the script. The battles included were completely made up and animated by hand to serve as a narrative for a video. There was no church tower or storming of the tower in the simulation program. The engagements were constructed to reflect our research about how the two country's squads behaved. The simulation does take into account for morale, suppression, intelligence, training, etc., however, it does not have any visuals, it just provides data and numbers and was calibrated by our researchers. You can look at our sources for this video - even if we hadn't designed our battle simulator, we would have presented the video in the exact same manner and arrived at a similar conclusion. There was no actual footage, and I doubt my audience wants to see me present code for 10 minutes. That's something I can show on my side channel if there's interest. At no point did we claim we had scientific information, hence the disclaimer, "this is just our opinion" at the beginning of the video. Lastly, we make these videos to both inform and to entertain. In real life, these types of engagements would have lasted hours, but we've condensed the battles to make them easier and more interesting to watch and understand...

    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair Historian7 aylar önce
    • @Scott Smith They are the same now. Remember they made sex slaves of korean women also. They have a very racist attitude from what I have seen. They used to attack skate boarders in los Angeles. But maybe your right.

      Douglas MontagueDouglas Montague9 gün önce
    • @Douglas Montague No I never saw that, but not surprised. The Japanese were severely sadistic for some reason then. They are so polite now.

      Scott SmithScott Smith9 gün önce
    • @Scott Smith Did you see the Chinese army used bats with nails to kill Indian soldiers in November 2020.

      Douglas MontagueDouglas Montague13 gün önce
    • Too many replies to check them all so this may have already been suggested. Canadians vs Germans WW2.

      Scott SmithScott Smith13 gün önce
    • H mummy 5u⁹

      Derrick PaineDerrick Paine18 gün önce
  • i don t understand why germans can not throw granads but still a nice video.

    Wood AxWood Ax2 gün önce
  • Murphy’s Law : If your advance is to good to be true, chances are you are walking into an ambush...

    BLITZKRIEG 74BLITZKRIEG 742 gün önce
  • It's pronounced Gar Rand. And anyone who has used a bolt action knows you can make it very fast by operating the bolt while never having the rifle leave your shoulder. I've shot running deer with a bolt and it works.

    MusicMusic2 gün önce
  • Fire and move vs. Maneuvering fire.

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  • 1944

    Alvaro Gavriel Timotius MilalaAlvaro Gavriel Timotius Milala4 gün önce
  • A couple of things to remember, The German troupes in France 1944 were not those elite troupes of the Blitz Krieg, they had been sent to Russia. The soldiers the US faced were second rate and green in comparison, The German soldiers were comparatively similar to the Americans. The Commonwealth troops were often veterans of other campaigns such as North Africa. American troops had almost unlimited resources compared to the Germans. You may want to compare a Commonwealth squad vs a German one to get a clearer evaluation of quality.

    Angry BobAngry Bob5 gün önce
  • 4:56 "Let them get the f*cking grenade"

    Eddie Jr BationEddie Jr Bation6 gün önce
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  • how about the germans when they were in their prime like 41 i think?

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  • Guys the German grenades were all on the eastern front being thrown at Dimitri

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  • What’s the name of the background music when the german speaks?

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  • “The Germans have pinned down the Americans” Me a Texan: THROW A GRENADE “The Texan throws a grenade and rallies the men” YEEAAH!!!!

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  • The American ambush failed because no one had the high ground

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  • Germans were afraid of Americans.

    Brenda EcholsBrenda Echols9 gün önce
  • by 1944 the Germans were throwing out Hitler youth into the front lines, so no contest really. European theatre was really UK and Germany throwing hands and then when both were dazed the US comes and hits Germany with a steel chair

    Liam KnightLiam Knight9 gün önce
  • What game dis?

    EXTREME L.Z.SEXTREME L.Z.S11 gün önce
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  • 13:23 Well since this is a history channel, I’d put less of an importance on you knowing this but the model of Thompson the character is holding is the M1928A1, not the M1A1 as seen with the model there having the charging handle on the top of the gun. Plus its box magazines are 20 and 30 rounders, not 10 and 30. Plus, it’s 1944 already so where are the StG 44 and the M1919A6 Browning?

    Invictus AngelicaInvictus Angelica14 gün önce
  • Why create theoretical battles instead analyzing actual battles that really occurred

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  • It like WWII dnd.

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  • That Staff Sergeant: Oh my god! My lighter is out! This is an EMERGENCY!!!

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  • Yes let the americand toss grenades willy nilly butbthe germans throw ZERO GRENADES😂 biased and bullshit.

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  • One of the best history channels I have stumbled upon recently, the style of it, the showcase of weapons is all favorable and unique. Keep doing what you do.

    ok yesok yes20 gün önce
  • Does the American Commander on the Video Titelscreen Look Like Captain Winters from BoB to anybody Else?

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  • No country alone could have stopped Germany back then, cut the bs

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  • One thing you forgot to mention is sergeant saunders with his thompson and kirby with the BAR

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  • I am taking a guess that it will be the Germans who will win. Not because I like them, but simply due to superior Equipment and Tactics over the Americans. Never mind.

    The Other Aussie BlokeThe Other Aussie Bloke22 gün önce
  • Hello everybody here my grandpa battled in ww2. And sadly passed away but I forgive Germany it’s not there fault it’s the man with the square mustache comment if u agree

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  • Such ignorance and idiosyncrasies, kindly stick to history playing deadliest worrior is not ur forte. The allied bias is visible.

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  • My only complaint was the lack of a machine gun assistant for the Germans. They carried all the extra ammo, assisted with weapon jammings and replaced the gunner if they died

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  • This channel is meant as entertainment not as information.

    Pectus72Pectus72Aylar önce
  • Maybe this clip had in mind an US audience. It is not very convincing and simplistic. If the American squads were superior then why they only attacked the Germans when they outnumbered them at least two to one plus had air superiority. And the well known signature move of the Germans was the counter attack (even in the last months of the war) and not a gathering around the MG42. In the three examples the Germans remain always passive.

    Pectus72Pectus72Aylar önce
  • A U.S platon vs. a German stumagz platoon.

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  • It was the late war If it was the early case was diffrent.

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  • The thing is will this sim be released for free or do you have to pay for it

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  • How many Soldiers died during WW2? - _Germany:_ *[3.1 million]* - _Yugoslavia:_ *[446.000]* - _United States:_ *[416.800]* - _United Kingdom:_ *[384.000]* - _Hungary:_ *[300.000]* - _Romania:_ *[300.000]* - _Austria:_ *[261.000]* - _Poland:_ *[240.000]* - _France:_ *[217.600]* - _Canada:_ *[45.400]* - *SOVIET UNION: [11 MILLION]*

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  • German soldiers in World War II were superior to American soldiers, both in discipline and in fighting tactics. Alemanda only lost the war because she had to fight the world.

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  • Comrade

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  • 9:22 show me only one single german soldoer holding a mp40 like this and ill give you 10’000 euros

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US vs German Squads (Mid-1944) Who was Superior?  | Animated History