why typing like this is sometimes okay.

Language changes over time, and that's fine. Time for a dose of descriptivism, as the Language Files return. Pull down the description for the references! MORE LANGUAGE FILES: trvision.net/wow-PL96C35uN7xGLDEnHuhD7CTZES3KXFnwm0
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  • It has been four years since I made a language video. (And more years than that since I graduated from my linguistics degree.) Well: they're back! Three videos spread over the next few weeks, written with a great team. If you haven't seen the earlier ones, have a look at the full playlist!

    Tom ScottTom Scott6 aylar önce
    • They are so great! I finished watching the entire playlist just a few hours ago. Keep them coming by all means! Also, I wanted you to know that with this videos (and other stuff too but this made me decide) I decided to try and study Linguistics, so thank you very very much for that. I wanted to ask you, and sorry if this is a bit impertinent, what degree did you take (I mean what is the title) and if you had study literature in order to get your degree. I'm not from the UK, I'm from Argentina, so I know Linguistics are most probably studied in a different fashion here, but I really don't know anyone who has studied this. Thank you!

      Maria Florencia MolinaMaria Florencia Molina4 aylar önce
    • no capital letters, me too

      Razor MRazor M5 aylar önce
    • You got a linguistics degree ? I ain't got a linguistics degree. So how come you started a sentence with a conjunction ('And') - and I noticed it ? If you want to have fun in the typing pool, type at a fixed rate. It'll drive the others crazy in no time.

      pmailkeeypmailkeey5 aylar önce
    • Written communication is not, primarily, a tool for the author to express himself. What matters is whether the message is understood by the reader and for that the writer must have language and composition skills acceptable to the reader - misunderstandings are the fault of the writer, not the reader.

      carrstone01carrstone015 aylar önce

      Artie person guyArtie person guy5 aylar önce
  • What about spongebob typing for sarcasm? _tyPinG LikE tHis tO cOnvEY sArCaSm!!!_

    Castor DarkHeartCastor DarkHeartGün önce
  • Homestuck typing quirks

    The Real DylambThe Real DylambGün önce
  • The more I watch, the more fond I grow of this channel.🤘

    delektrisdelektrisGün önce
  • Hello "sounds" less friendly than hello for me

    SmotanSmotan2 gün önce
  • Ok Boomer my pp smoll

    RiptofenRiptofen2 gün önce
  • people who don't use autocorrect: am i a joke to you?

    RaphaelRaphael3 gün önce
  • when i want to convey i’m excited but not making and exclamation, i leave a space between the word and the exclamation mark. example cool can’t wait !

    Jude NelsonJude Nelson3 gün önce
  • ok

    Shadid MosharrafShadid Mosharraf4 gün önce
  • ok

    Rory SmithRory Smith4 gün önce
  • So why is your title serious?

    David SmithDavid Smith6 gün önce
  • Are You Going To The Store ? Are you Going to the Store ? are you going to the store ?

    ღ. Ƙɑѵryíɑ .ღღ. Ƙɑѵryíɑ .ღ6 gün önce
  • literally me xd

    Kat MKat M7 gün önce
  • ok.

    Jack BaileyJack Bailey8 gün önce
  • Ok

    I Ate The CheeseI Ate The Cheese8 gün önce
  • i started writing in nocaps for a time - at least for unserious tweets.

    Wreck-It RolfeWreck-It Rolfe9 gün önce
  • I use ellipses to either trail off or change the topic of my comment. Why am I such a boomer?

    Sean BenningtonSean Bennington9 gün önce
    • ​@bruh moment hOW DaRe YOU !!1 i AM sO sICK oF yOUr GeNEratIONAL WarFAre !! JusT BeCAUse YoU AlL ArE ToO bUSY SnApPInG YOur mEssAges ON icHAT anD TWeetINg ON YOUR mySPAces TO MovE out oF YOuR paReNTs hoUSe And buY YoUr oWN !!!! MaY Be its bECAuSe I diDnt EAT AvaCAdO ToAsT SPEND My PAychex On thE laTeSt isSUE wORld of wARCrAfT foR thE xboX, BUT It diDNt TaKe LoNG foR ME tO fiND a joB that ALLOWeD Me TO BUY a hOuse and RaisE a faMIly tho U PrObLeY DonT Want a faMILY SiNce YOu hAve YOUR tiNder aNd yoURe grOUPChATs! sPare thE rod, sPOIL THE ChilD, aND jUsT bEcauSe YOURE PaRenTs DeciDED to GIVE yOU ALl pARticIpAtIo ntroPhIES YUO all THInk yOU cAN TURn arOUNd and mAKe fuN of My Generation, WItH eVERYThIng we GavE you!!1!!

      Sean BenningtonSean Bennington5 gün önce
    • ok boomer

      bruh momentbruh moment7 gün önce
  • uwu

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  • dave strider is now happy

    Марк ШтаркманМарк Штаркман9 gün önce
  • This is one of my favorite videos right now, it’s so simple, precise, and accurate. It explains it’s topic so well and the message of “there is no correct way to write” is one that I truly believe in

    Amelia LeeAmelia Lee10 gün önce
  • Don't forget about sarcasm. CaUse iT's nOt lIkE aNYonE uSes tHAt On tHe iNteRnEt

    AidoooAidooo10 gün önce
  • The two sentences below express the same idea "Sorry, could you explain that? I didn't understand what you said" "?"

    Diego C.Diego C.10 gün önce
    • "?" Sounds more confused than the other

      Stevie GStevie G8 gün önce
  • i'll usually talk in a way that's very comfortable, but i try to spell everything right and i don't capitalize. if it's important, i do capitalize.

    lilrobertolilroberto12 gün önce
  • the most passive aggressive text i ever recived was: k.

    uhlusuhlus13 gün önce
    • k.

      Juho HiltunenJuho Hiltunen13 gün önce
  • I wish writing like this - properly, were more respected. I get more hated for writing properly than writing improperly and childish...It's messed up and backwards.

    CrammananneCrammananne14 gün önce
  • Ok

    Filip CarlssonFilip Carlsson14 gün önce
  • Sorry I had to help my uncle jack off a horse, I wasn't paying attention. What's this about capitalization not being important?

    xXGameCreator93XxxXGameCreator93Xx15 gün önce
  • I hate minorities! I hate minorities? I hate minorities. 1 h4t3 m1n0r1t135

    Swedish PradaSwedish Prada15 gün önce
  • brooo this vid is cool

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  • ok.

    IntrovertedGamerIntrovertedGamer16 gün önce
  • i like typing like this, i find people who type with punctuation to seem annoyed or think of themselves as smarter than others

    stripethecatsoldierstripethecatsoldier17 gün önce
  • wHy tYpiNg liKE tHIs iS soMetImeS okAY.?!

    Generic GoatGeneric Goat17 gün önce
  • i hate people who put periods at the ends of their sentences

    FriskiFriski18 gün önce
  • .

    Jeremy MCSSJJeremy MCSSJ18 gün önce
  • "ok" is one of the most boring replies that you can post on an online chat.

    LaurelindoLaurelindo19 gün önce
  • Something a friend texted me once: Gay gay gay gay gay

    Zach DurocherZach Durocher19 gün önce
  • Crytyping is just so useless and stupid though,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Samuele Proietti MicozziSamuele Proietti Micozzi19 gün önce
  • All lower case is indeed just laziness, not all people use a touch screen some still just use WhatsApp Facebook or whatever the hell they use on the PC with a keyboard where capitalizing requires effort.

  • Also there's... For dramatic pay... Or just some multiple ideas in a row with a pause...

  • ok

    Yee HawYee Haw19 gün önce

    :/ idk:/ idk21 gün önce
  • Typing Like This Isn’t Okay Though.

    Modest 6432Modest 643221 gün önce
  • i cant write like this with out experiencing extreme pain 😰

    Pre-CookedMuttonPre-CookedMutton22 gün önce
    • The emoji was just cruel to myself.

      Pre-CookedMuttonPre-CookedMutton22 gün önce
  • and sarcastic is tHiS wRiTiNg uPpEr ThEn LoWeR

    Vito CipponeriVito Cipponeri22 gün önce
  • how bout u

    WaterBoyz1140WaterBoyz114022 gün önce
  • oh nooooooooo

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  • English teachers be like: *THIS IS NOT OKIE DOKIE*

    I do not want subscribersI do not want subscribers23 gün önce
  • cu l8r

    Nakshh KohliNakshh Kohli23 gün önce
  • Ok.

    [Redacted][Redacted]23 gün önce
  • k.

    saff 125saff 12524 gün önce
  • you forgot: bdjdhejej key board sjsnwkek smash tHis wEiRd wAy oF tyPiNg using w instead of r for ‘sowwy’ leaving a space before exclamation points !! using two,, commas

    saff 125saff 12524 gün önce
  • i use,, two commas to portray,, waiting

    saff 125saff 12524 gün önce
  • ok

    MAEDZMAEDZ24 gün önce
  • SHOUTING MoCkInG Talking

    doge shiba147doge shiba14724 gün önce
  • This video should be titled "All chatbots...get this"

    PrakarshPrakarsh24 gün önce
  • i'm fine.

    Nasrullah GunawanNasrullah Gunawan24 gün önce
    • k.

      I wanna dieI wanna die24 gün önce
  • I get quite annoyed at the use of "unconsciously" for "subconsciously." It's become common and accepted.... but if you do something "unconsciously", you did it while unconscious. If you did something "subconsciously", you did it while conscious, but it was beneath (aka "sub") your level of consciousness.

    Lauren DoeLauren Doe25 gün önce
  • ok

    lexiolvsulexiolvsu25 gün önce
  • Okay.

    maartenboy37maartenboy3725 gün önce
  • I feel like a lot of Boomers need to see this scholarly take on why/how evolving language is normal

    Eric SmartEric Smart25 gün önce
  • One of my favorites is the use of several parentheses to indicate a sarcastically happy tone. It's mostly used in Russia but it has slowly diffused into some English-speaking communities with a large number of Russians.

    Green MarioGreen Mario25 gün önce
    • @Green Mario Oh, okay then.

      FornaxFornax23 gün önce
    • @Fornax I'm not Russian but I spend a lot of time in the War Thunder community which has started using it due to large proportion of Russian players.

      Green MarioGreen Mario23 gün önce
    • Hello fellow Russian comrade.

      FornaxFornax23 gün önce
  • /s

    HamSandvichHamSandvich25 gün önce
  • i din;;;t meantto mak e it. i;mo sorry... i;;;m a terrble person. im so so o sorry. please,,,,

    Carmen RitaCarmen Rita25 gün önce
  • "... fairly well-agree-upon conventions" - that line had me check the date of the video. 2019. Really? Because it seems to me that all conventions went out the window about... well at least 5 years ago, probably more like 10. Some people use emojis, some traditional smileys, some can't stand either and refuse to indicate when they're just joking. Some people are upset if you don't write decent responses, others get the impression that you're a loser if you put too much thought into it (only a loser has time for that). The list just goes on and on.

    notthere83notthere8325 gün önce
  • now

    RileyRiley25 gün önce
  • IS THIS loud?

    RileyRiley25 gün önce
  • lmao sounds(?) funnier than Lmao

    Farhan SFarhan S26 gün önce
  • wHy TyPiNg LiKe ThIs Is SoMtImEs OkAy

    SpaYcoSpaYco26 gün önce
  • Does anyone actually make an effort to make automatic uppercase on phones lowercase?

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne27 gün önce
    • you just have to go to settings and turn off auto-capitalisation and then you never have to bother making it lowercase again, it just automatically happens

      I may have a small dick, butI may have a small dick, but26 gün önce
  • An English person calling a full stop 'period' horrifies me.

    Jess GentJess Gent27 gün önce
why typing like this is sometimes okay.