Why was Cavalry Used in Warfare? | Animated History

Why was Cavalry used in warfare?
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  • So two things.... 1. A lot of people are saying the video is an oversimplification. You're exactly right, this is a prelude of a series I'll be doing covering all types of cavalry from all different eras, as well as tanks. I'll be covering mainly the abstract, and the concepts, and less of all the specific numbers and statistics. This video is to act as an intro. 2. A lot of people are saying cavalry and tanks aren't the same. You're right again, but here's what I meant in the video. The tank replaced the cavalry, and still fulfills the abstract usage of cavalry, as a decisive shock unit. You don't have many of them, they're more expensive, and they hit harder than their counterparts, infantry, and artillery. Of course tanks are not used in the same way cavalry was in warfare, but as cavalry left they were replaced by armor. In fact, many people tried to use tanks just like cavalry, but it didn't work. It took up until the end of WW2 for most generals to realize this. Hope that clears some stuff up, Griff

    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair Historian3 yıl önce
    • lol

      Max MorganMax Morgan4 aylar önce
    • Griffin would you mind making Nepalese videos, such as roles of gurkhas in world wars , how it remained independent

      Binay PandeyBinay PandeyYıl önce
    • TheArklyte Tanks are often used in the same classic roles as traditional horse cavalry were, for reconnaissance, harass an enemies flank, punch a hole through their lines, chase retreating enemy troops. Mechanized infantry, on the other hand, takes over the role of the dragoon as they ride into battle (in APCs and IFVs) and then figt on foot.

      Riceball01Riceball012 yıl önce
    • Tim Robinson barb wires did end frontline cavalry, tho only in the open ground. You can still use horse cavalry in terrain, I was proven that horse cavalry is still viable enough, especially against insurgents. This was reported in Portugal

      Elka SirElka Sir2 yıl önce
    • I’ve been told it was barbed wire which ultimately ended the charge. Cavalry were still effective against troops till then?

      Tim RobinsonTim Robinson2 yıl önce
  • Use a dirt bike as the new caveralry

  • Turk and Mongolia Horse Archer are best.

    Sansarın Amatör Kaleciyken Yaptığı Degaj.Sansarın Amatör Kaleciyken Yaptığı Degaj.Aylar önce
  • Ah yes, so this is how the Rohirrim beat the forces of Sauron.

    CensuviusCensuvius2 aylar önce
  • why didn't cavalries use bayonets?

    L0L02 aylar önce
  • Trained on military border with Osmanlic (Ottoman) Turkish Empire, one of the most famous military units of early modern age (1500 - 1800) in Europe was Croatian light cavalry. These units, took part in 30-years war, in 17th century, mostly on the territory of Germany. Croats were even accused for killing the Swedish king in that war. However, Croatian light cavalry was also engaged in war for Austrian legacy, in 1740-ies, as a part of Habsburgs' forces (very notorious was barun Trenk with his pandurs from Slavonia region). In one of the battles Croatian light cavalry made charge on the Prussian high command camp and on that occasion Croats won the Prussian state and millitary flags as a trophy. Those Prussian flags were kept in Zagreb National Museum, untill the 1941. when leader of Croatian fashists (organization named: Ustasha) Ante Pavelić met Adolf Hitler and gave him Prussian flags as a symbolic gift. (For Croats the 2nd world war was a civil war, because one part of Croats were ally of Hitler's Germany and other part of Croats went to the mountains and forests where they had organized the partisan army against Germans, Italians and their colaborators (Croatian Ustashe and Serbian Chetniks); Josip Broz Tito the leader of Yugoslav Komunist Party and marshal of partisan army was also Croat.The Yugoslav partisans was unic example of resistance movement in occupeid Europe that grow into a real, organized army: Patizans; by the end of 1943 they were in number of 100 000 men and women). Our tradition and history is in big part military, especially because from the cca. 1450 to 1815. Croatia was litterary millitary border against Turks ("ante muralis Christianitatis" as it was said already in 16th century). Ban Zrinski defending the fort Siget in southern Hungary against army of at least 80 000 Osmanlic forces; Nikola Jurišić [pronounced as: Yurishich] defending fort Kiseg, Petar Kružić [ pronounced as: Kruzhich] defending fort Klis near the city Split; battle on the Field of Krbava (1493), battle of Sisak (1593) and so on and so on ... numerous battles from year to year, to preserve their homes and land. Croats took part in Napoleonic wars, as a light cavalry in Napoleon's march to Russia; Napoleon was delighted and enthusiastic with the brave actions of Croatian cavalry during the retreat of his army, and somewhere is noted that he said: "If I would have 100 thousand Croats, I could conquer the world." History of cavalry in Croatian history goes in written sources as far as 1st half of 10th century, when Byzantine emperor Konstantinos Porfirogenetos wrote in his work "De administrando imperio" (cca. year 950) that Croatia can rise force of 60 000 cavalry and 100 000 infantry. That was on the begining of 10th century, when Croatia defended its territory from early Magjars (Hunagarians) which had came to what is today's Hungary; also Croats defeted around year 927 Bulgarian invading army.

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  • Hi . I from Sevastopol

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    • Привет

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  • Did Boers used cavalry tactics?If yes then how

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  • Just to know in WW1 Bulgarian general Ivan Kolev in the eastern front buff his cavarly with machinegun and bikes to head on charge on the enemy romanian and russian IFNATRY. Everyone no when you rush division of cavarly into infantry in ww1 is dead end, but this general just get the mgs on spot that can suppres the enemy and then rush whit cavrly to surround them and they surrender or being shot by the caverly. You can see more about him in wikipedia and WW1 channel on youtube.

    Bulgarian CorpsBulgarian Corps5 aylar önce
  • And in the modern day cavalry divisions are a combination of armored, infantry, and air assault

    VentoVento5 aylar önce
  • It's always funny when you see horses recklessly charge into a wall of spears, horses aren't crazy and would never do that.

    Turd FergusonTurd Ferguson6 aylar önce
  • Did dragoons use horses to attack or just for mobility?

    Ahmad MawaridAhmad Mawarid6 aylar önce
  • Hussars.

    Vignesh SajithVignesh Sajith7 aylar önce
  • Now we have quad bikes and dirt bikes

    Jack Von Daugaard-HansenJack Von Daugaard-Hansen7 aylar önce
  • and where is the Polish hussars?

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    • Coming down thy mountain side kind sir

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  • Wow why this monetized

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    • Why would it not be?

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  • Interesting video. Nice Job guy.

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  • Hey Griff, would be awesome if you do a segment on the myth that walls of cavalry crashed into infantry like in Total War games (with the exception of when lances were used). Most people don’t realise Calvary were primarily used to route exhausted infantry and did their killing running them down, not on the charge.

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  • I hate that everybody ignores the Bulgarian cavalry

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  • Who else plays Lords mobile

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  • Mine is not the reason why, mine is to do or die. I knew my days were numbered when o'er the trenches lumbered More modern machinations de la guerre No match for rapid fire or the steel birds of the sky With a final rear guard action I retreat No match for barbed wire or the armoured engines whine Reluctant I retire and take my leave

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  • In the English civil war there were heavy cavalry that was musket ballproof from pistols. Also THEN THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED

  • cavalry: pikes = yikes

    Jack GuyettJack GuyettYıl önce
  • The cuirassier image is not the Napoleonic Curiassier but the Second French Empire cuirassier.

    Napoleon IIINapoleon IIIYıl önce
  • Horse cavalry hasn't been totally wiped out yet. They're still commonly used all over the world in places where vehicles can't access. Many border patrols utilise horse cavalry, in the US, Southern African countries, China. They're still used actively in warfare in North Africa, Afghanistan etc

    ConmaraConmaraYıl önce
  • Cavalry is NOT tanks. Tanks are armor branch. Cavalry is also armor. But they are two different things. Cav is mostly recon now, using a wide variety of platforms including the OH-58 Kiowa and the m1127 (Striker) Reconnaissance vehicle.

    KyleKyleYıl önce
  • Being Calvary is probably really bad for your back

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  • 2:54 what movie is this?

    Based SwedeBased SwedeYıl önce
    • "The Patriot (2000)"

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  • The shitty writers of GoT season 8 should watch this

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  • After watching GOT long night episode, TRvision showed me this

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  • The dothraki of Game of Thrones should've watched this

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  • John Snow should of watched this video.

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  • For curiosity the origin of the word cavalry is from the sanscrit word akva witch mens figth in an advantage position, becuse the cav origins ware soldiers figting on plataform (i don’t Know the rigth word) Sorry for the broken english

    Alexandre O grandeAlexandre O grandeYıl önce
  • Can someone please show this video to the Game of thrones writers, RIP Dothraki

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  • This shows that a Dothraki head on charge in the middle of unknown mass of undead and a stubborn keep of close quarter fighting with it is a serious bad of cavalry use.

    Victor Hugo VasquezVictor Hugo VasquezYıl önce
  • Where are the Winged Hussars?

    The One True KingThe One True KingYıl önce
  • At Albuera it wasnt French lancers cavalry but Polish, who destroyed British brigade

    Rafal XRafal X2 yıl önce
  • Funny animation between Monty Python and Playmobil but short and informative.Why didn't you have mentioned Husars and Kosaks which played an important role in historic warfare.Both where real "shock troops".

    Stephan VennerStephan Venner2 yıl önce
  • So much disinformation.

    SD78 SmithSD78 Smith2 yıl önce
  • Me like CAV!!!

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  • Horses are truly man’s best friend

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  • Dragoons are mobile infantry!

    Максим БезрукМаксим Безрук2 yıl önce
  • Bit of a mess of a video, plus it's overly focused on the Napoleonic warfare, seeing that it purports to be a general video of the overall use of cavalry. Why not mention chariots, medieval knight charges and possibly even elephants, as an extreme example of shock "cavalry"?

    MrThe1And0nlyMrThe1And0nly2 yıl önce
  • i love how you just stick to 17th and 18th century warfare when calvary wasnt used that much anymore. Why didnt you talk about any of the renaissance calvary when they are in their peak of glory? The reason you used calvary was 2 reasons and 2 reasons only. 1. as a foot soldier you see this army that is twice as tall as you running toward you, you go into shock hence the name shock calvary (range musket calvary were not shock calvary). 2. you were sitting up on a very huge advantage point, able to make quick easy deadly blows to 3 soldiers before 1 foot soldier could try to kill you, armor were given to some horses as it became more and more common that soldiers just cut the legs off the horse instead of trying to go 1v1 against a calvarymen, but was costly and a huge henderance on the horse. Also at the end you gave a very wrong answer, horses were trained to jump into crowds and lines, the square formation was only good because it ment sacrificing their horse to get inside and fight on foot. but the major fights of the world especially in King Longshanks they were only used to kill archers when the rest of the army was preoccupied and join in the center behind the enemy to route and encircle.

    Louis ReactsLouis Reacts2 yıl önce
  • seen

    Jack BadasssonJack Badassson2 yıl önce
  • You forgot a very important thing: the medieval Knight on his (armored) horse. He was kind of a tank smashing into the lighter armored infantry, causing panic and making the enemy formations break. The knights were also cavalry, but heavy armored cavalry. The combination of 1. The speed 2. The size of knight ontop of his horse 3. The mass of horse, knight and their armor was destructive to the usual infranty soldier during that time. Also, the knights were the rich royals, equipped with well forged armor and weapons. The usual infantry were common men, mostly equipped with easy and cheap weapons. Imagine how you would feel if you're just equipped with a leather vest and a simple shield and axe against a full armored knight high up on his horse charging on you...

    Baghira27Baghira272 yıl önce
    • Baghira27: It doesn't always work that way though......look at what happened to the French cavalry at Agincourt.

      Philip FletcherPhilip Fletcher11 aylar önce
  • 0:14 😂

    Neelam TrivediNeelam Trivedi2 yıl önce
  • Idk bout you guys but have you ever seen a war horse up close. Those things are massive, I'm scared to go near then in my car. Now imagine a thousand of them running straight at you!

    Kenny kohenKenny kohen2 yıl önce
  • Why do I keep getting forced to watch Mormon bible adds on every one of this channel's videos??

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  • No mentioning of knights, no mentioning of the few occasions that infantry had a clear advantage over cavalry (Tour, Agincourt etc.),no mentioning of non-European styles of fighting (Chinese and Japanese cavalry working completely different from European ones) etc etc. So nice attempt, but full of holes, I'm sorry to say. And for crying out loud at least mention the two most incredible cavalry actions in history: the Polish charge at Vienna and Von Bredow's death ride!!

    boycot gugleboycot gugle2 yıl önce
  • Interesting fact, the last fully trained cavalry on horse was the Air Force Security Forces squadron in The Philippines. Today, the Air Force still uses horses in areas like Montana where it is hard to get trucks into.

    Ben BrownBen Brown2 yıl önce
  • Tanks and jeeps are definitely the calvary of today but I would also like to argue that planes and helicopters can also act as Calvary

    Bradley BaileyBradley Bailey2 yıl önce
  • The helicopter is a better example of modern cavalry than the tank

    Michael RMichael R2 yıl önce
  • Curious Fact: The Italian Army performed the last cavalry charges in History at the battle of Isbuscenskij (Russia) and in the battle of Poloj (Croatia) both in 1942. Both charges successfully broke the enemy lines. it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carica_di_Isbuscenskij it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carica_di_Poloj

    Marco MorellatoMarco Morellato2 yıl önce
  • You forgot perhaps the biggest use of cavalry (outside of flanking and protecting flanks) is to chase down routing men. The biggest cause of casualties in a battle was when the lines broke and the fleeing soldiers chased and cut down.

    Ka ChanKa Chan2 yıl önce
  • But why are Native Americans not included yet were early horse warriors

    Eddie MEddie M2 yıl önce
  • Cossacks (whether Ukrainian, Russian, or Belorussian) also built their identity around horses and used many of the same methods as mongols. Russian ones in particular were known to be essentially bandits who were loyal to the Russian Tzar. Partly why Russia’s regions along the border with China mostly don’t have Chinese settlements. At the time when Russia was acquiring formerly Chinese lands around China the Cossacks would raise their villages, burn them to the ground, and kill many people in brutal ways. They were known as the “red beard men” or something along those lines in Chinese. Cossacks were mostly not heroes but villains.

    StopFearStopFear2 yıl önce
  • You know, what’s possibly funny is that in case of some apocalyptic event or war which destroys infrastructure we will not have a Mad Max world with crazy cars due to lack of gas. But horses will probably make those who have them much more powerful because you’d use them to pull carts/carriages and to fight wars with. Isn’t it strange Mad Max world has no horses? The Planet of The Apes did it correctly by showing how they resorted for horse use. Camels probably would work too if it is in the desert and appropriate climate/food availability.

    StopFearStopFear2 yıl önce
  • I think the boer war might have been the end for cavalries success in battle but it's not as clear cut. Us brits had at least one success killing routed boers with cavalry. The boers mostly had mounts but they mostly fought on foot. There was atleast one cavalry charge in battle by them firing without really aiming on horse back but the book seems to imply this was used more than once (maybe mostly for raiding). As anyone got anything to amend , debate or add on this point I'm at the edge of my knowledge on this?

    cardboard boxcardboard box2 yıl önce
  • Eh, no. Tanks are essentially obsolete in conflicts with between the most advanced militaries. ATGMs are so incredibly common and cost-efficient that is just doesn't make sense to use "heavy cavalry" anymore.

    MoopMoop2 yıl önce
  • Was anybody else waiting for The Winged Hussars to show up?

    Sam BalzaSam Balza2 yıl önce
    • I should have know that a winged hassar fan would be here

  • Got to say, very detailed map you used when explaining the chevauchée tactics. love how it shows the urban population centers. Where did you get it from? other than that great video learned a lot about the historical usage of cavalry.

    Jeffrey GomezJeffrey Gomez2 yıl önce
  • please increase your sensitivity of your mic while recording, i almost cant hear you

    KirillKirill2 yıl önce
  • 3:33 Really good vid until now horses where bread for combat and where trained no to fear loud noises or walls of bayonets in-fact (although i have forgotten his name) a captin of a brigade of horse was awarded the victoria cross in the battle of waterloo as he lead his unit into an infantry square and his horse was killed underneath him yet he continued slashing at the french who broke from the field and fled thus gaining a significant advantage over the french flank.

    James KerryJames Kerry2 yıl önce
  • Youre wrong the calvaru today are helicopters not tanks... In vietnam they were even called 7th calvary 8th calvary etc

    Ryan SRyan S2 yıl önce
  • I use Cavalry in Hoi 3 with rocket artilery .. because their speed is both around 5

    Adrian JezierskiAdrian Jezierski2 yıl önce
  • Polish

    Ben QuinneyBen Quinney2 yıl önce
  • A mention of pikes would have been useful.

    BroadwayPhil17BroadwayPhil172 yıl önce
  • I would argue that the air force has replaced light and scout cav while tanks have taken up a heavy shock cav role

    Ha GotchaHa Gotcha2 yıl önce
Why was Cavalry Used in Warfare? | Animated History