Wildebeest Freed From Poaching Snare

Rangers at Dinokeng Game Reserve in South Africa found and successfully freed this wildebeest from a snare set by poachers. Its neck was caught tight in the wire. Thousands of wild animals die from snare traps each year. Dinokeng rangers work hard to protect wildlife from harm. In this case, not only was the wildebeest freed, but the poachers were also caught thanks to hidden cameras installed by Wildlife Protection Solutions.
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  • Now find the bastard who set the snare and shoot him in the head. No mercy for poachers.

    Panzer BlitzPanzer Blitz8 gün önce
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  • Is this a indian wild beest or african

    Sanjeev nanduSanjeev nandu22 gün önce
    • African

      Wildlife Protection SolutionsWildlife Protection Solutions22 gün önce
  • وايه جايب السلك والحبال وسط الشجر. ؟؟؟؟

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  • Thank you for help this animal.

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  • Thank you forhelp this animal.

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  • I despise poachers. Apparently so do the animals of the preserves. I've read a couple of stories: One had it that one day the rangers came across a fresh lion kill, now abandoned. There were several human skulls, scraps of clothing, rifles and other implements of destruction. The lion did not sleep that night. Another story has it that poachers were following a trail they were unfamiliar with but thought it would take them to a large animal. The hippos whose trail this was were returning and these things were on their trail. Between them and the water. Whoops. Their remains were found some time later but could only be identified by DNA. Nature fights back in her own way.

    Rondo HunterRondo HunterAylar önce
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  • I'm all for saving the hopeless animals except the wild predators I care nothing about them ....

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    • My friend. Predators play a very big role in the environment. If we kill off carnivores, herbivores would out-compete each other and overpopulate, which will cause major problems for humanity as well.

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  • Brave and strong south africans. Respect from Pakistan.

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  • Poor animal he may well suffer from an infection after that ordeal, traps should be set for poachers and make sure the lions catch them in their own traps!!

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  • You should set a trap to catch the poachers and just blow them off the face of the earth.

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Wildebeest Freed From Poaching Snare