• My lip reading parody at 4:43 🤪 very epic BCC ❤

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    • I need that link of your profile pic

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    • 3rd

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    • Z

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    • This is so bad

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  • 1:56 lol theres a guy up there Edit: Never mind.

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  • Fake

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  • I have 300 kills in thanos Mode

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  • See my last video a world record woth bottle flip

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  • L

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  • No one going to talk about the title

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  • This is not record

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  • The record is 199

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  • 1:17 is the part you came for Use code bcc in the item shop❤️

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  • Arriba los que hablan español

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  • I got 156

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  • Music 00:58 ? Pliss

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  • Me encantan

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  • That kid what said he's a bot he is one and is being sexist

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  • At 6:01 he has 6 rounds in his gun and has 4 extra which is 10 but it's saying that he only has 9 like wth epic

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  • 1:17 is what you came for!😃 Use code “BCC” in the item shop!❤️

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    • Hahahaha.

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  • 8:11 is totally sexists

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    • Ha to late now

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  • Anyone else thought is gonna be randumb

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  • What skin is at 8:55

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  • 6:06 the bullets were 6 | 4 then when they reloeaded it it became 9 | 0 like if u saw it

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  • What about LG randumb

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  • These ps4 noobs xddd

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  • you can i get more than 100 kills in dous if they get rebooted

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    • If its duos and theres 100 total players subtract 2 for your duo. 98÷2=49 duo teams. So the entire lobby would have to get rebooted with someone being rebooted twice

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  • I love bcc

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  • Halien got 175 kills in one game. He has on TRvision: Halien

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  • 8:17 they are talking about if the robot is a boy or girl while the other is just playing fortnite😂

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  • Why do all these kids have so much ping

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  • 1:18 is what youre maybe? Lookin for

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  • What bcc means??

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  • 6:00 name music????

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  • It’s a boy It has more boy parts than girl parts

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  • 2:03 lol that was something very troll xd

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  • 7:16 Game: It’s rewind time

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  • How many wins do you have in fortnite

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  • Wdym m'y highest is 160 i was playing 32 hours (non uploaded)

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  • What your here for is 1:18

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  • Using code bbc

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  • 1:24 is come you for Use code BCC❤

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  • I hit 157 kills in my last video I submitted it, it’s the official world record 🤷‍♂️

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  • Just me that wondering hon he can reload his shotgan with 4 bullets when the shotgan has 6 bullets in it and it gets to 9 at 6:02

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  • Mecha team leader - Cuddle team leader - head Left hand - drift Right hand - Rex Left leg - tomatohead Right leg - beef boss (durr burger)

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  • 8:08 The best/worst convo ever😂

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  • At 6:50 Pakistani Player

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  • Not the record but ok

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  • 日本人居ますかー?

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  • Łooooł ale epickie

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  • But we do realize that that was a custom because there were only 2 people in that so not a record

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  • 136???Ok...

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  • Fake

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  • What you came for 1:17

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  • Halien hit 175 kills in one game 🙂

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  • Fake

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  • 7:00

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  • Wheres the 136 kills

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  • How did the clip at 8:30 get put in the guy was just being complete try hard. Like the other guy was just running on the spot and instead of opening the door to take a closer look he killed him for no reason. XD

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  • Randumb got 136 kills too

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  • Sorry, the record is 175 kills

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  • 3:55 is me

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  • uR a BoT - Fortnite kid

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  • Only 100 people are there in one game

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  • E inposivel

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  • What season did you start playing? Like: 1-5 Comment: 6-9 I also make fortnite videos 🙌

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  • Dad: ok kids, let’s talk about if the robots a boy or a girl

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  • 6:20 instead of building, he coulda saved his self on the zipline

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  • Meny

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  • There isn't that men people In a game

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  • Can I get a skin bcc I subscribed my name is Gil4bes

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