X Ambassadors - HEY CHILD (Official Video)

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I heard you got arrested in the street last night
Called me with a voice I didn't recognize
So you're numbing the pain, stuck in your ways
Since we were kids it was like this
But I will be there
I will be there for ya
Hey child
Hey child
We were born wild
Let your neon lights keep shining bright
Back in '06 selling weed to the freshman kids
You were the yin to my yang, never separate
And I know you been hurting, think you deserve it
How did it end up like this?
Everything will be fine
If you just get through tonight
Hey child
Hey child
We were born wild
Let your neon lights keep shining bright
My brother's got a baby on the way now
I hope that you'll meet him someday
And I hope he don't make the same mistakes we made
And when I look him in the eyes I'll say
Hey child
Hey child
You were born wild
Let your neon lights keep shining bright
Hey child
Hey child
We were born wild
Let your neon lights keep shining bright
Music video by X Ambassadors performing HEY CHILD. © 2019 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records




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    Richard LawrenceRichard Lawrence13 saatler önce
  • Ok, this one hit me so hard. I used to had a very good friend since high school, and one day he didn't talk to me anymore. Don't know why, but it ended up like this. It was so hard, but I did understood that I had to move on, so that's what I did. But sometimes I miss him so much, and I wonder what's going on with his life. I really hope he's fine and happy. I hope he knows he can talk to me whenever he wants if he needs something. I'll be there for him even although he didn't was here for me.

    No logré sobrevivirNo logré sobrevivir15 saatler önce
  • you are good friend and good singer.

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X Ambassadors - HEY CHILD (Official Video)