You'll Never Guess What This Does! | 10 Products With Unknown Uses!

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Today, Pat challenged Matt and Tanner to see if they could guess what these super strange amazon products actually do! I personally guarantee you that you won't be able to guess some of these either.
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0:00 - You Guess It, You Win It Challenge!
1:03 - Tanner Would LOVE This
3:14 - Mixes Eggs?
5:39 - These Two Clearly Don't Need Hair Products
7:30 - Are We Just A Hi5 Version Of GMM?
8:13 - This Isn't Inappropriate... I Promise...
10:29 - Tanner's Overconfidence
12:50 - This Product Almost Ruined Our Shoot
15:08 - Tanner Wants To Put His Mouth On This
16:53 - Tanner Hurts Himself. Shocker (get it)
19:14 - This Was DISGUSTING
21:35 - Apparently They've Used This Before...Whooops
23:04 - Final Scores! Who Gets To Keep The Most Products?!




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  • Hot dog slicer it cuts it into a spiral

    JohnnyVapesJohnnyVapes14 saatler önce
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  • Tanner is such an elbow hog

    Eric WoodEric Wood16 saatler önce
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  • they look like they could be related to Dustin Diamond. Just saying.

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  • 12:55 TANNER SWEARD :OOOO xd

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You'll Never Guess What This Does! | 10 Products With Unknown Uses!