YouTube's copyright system is broken

Warner Chappell have copyright claimed 25% of my content in 2 hours and there isn't much I can do about it.
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  • UPDATE (as taken from my twitter) Things are a bit muddy. - I do have written permission from the artist to use the claimed song. - However; the song uses a sample that has been picked up by Warners content ID bot. So I am being claimed for a sample, not the song. I'm still hoping we can resolve this. And take this as a lesson from me: Not only should you ensure you have complete rights to the music you are using for your videos, but also ensure that you ask about any samples that have been used. Otherwise you could end up in this situation (And you wouldn't want that). Will do a video on Tuesday explaining. I am taking a day off tomorrow!

    Mumbo JumboMumbo JumboYıl önce
    • Ikk

      JdroccoJdrocco27 gün önce
    • I’m so sorry

      Trevor DeppeTrevor Deppe28 gün önce
    • Your are NOT in right

      Cyrda SCyrda S28 gün önce
    • Bring it up with the youtuber union led by joerg sprave

      Adam MoritzAdam Moritz29 gün önce
    • Hi Mumbo, a year later I know. I wanted to say that it’s not your fault at all for not completely understanding the legalization of the music industry, it is a very complicated process and companies like WC should show mutual understanding upon that issue. It was a very bad move from their side to strike on you before personally contacting you and explain to you properly. They were abusing their power and rights and this is considered bully. A big shame to Warner Chappell and their team.

      VSeanruledVSeanruledAylar önce
  • "The TRvision Copyright System Isn't Broken. The World Is"- Tom Scott.

    YadzurYadzur2 gün önce
  • Was this ever resolved?

    Remember BubblebuttRemember Bubblebutt3 gün önce
  • This is just straight up illegal. I hope these jackasses get arrested.

    Remember BubblebuttRemember Bubblebutt3 gün önce
  • I mean youtube needs youtubers if the youtubers left youtube then youtube has nothing just the old videos uploaded before they left then eventually the people watching the videos will get bored just watching the same thing everyday then eventually the people will leave youtube and youtube will be nothing but a platform that has old videos uploaded by the youtubers before they left

    _MJ710 _YT_MC__MJ710 _YT_MC_3 gün önce
  • Man if this keeps coming up im gonna have to sue youtube for this

    _MJ710 _YT_MC__MJ710 _YT_MC_3 gün önce
  • youtube isn't broken, its the laws that youtube has to follow that are broken and outdated.

    Wouter IvanovWouter Ivanov4 gün önce
  • Leave TRvision, just create a twitch account and open up a patreon. I am pretty sure you will be fine. TRvision doesn't deserve any of their content creators at this point.

    Asaw HalmAsaw Halm5 gün önce
  • I played a song by Bach and Warner Chappel said that the song was their copyright. Are they saying that they are Bach?

    GP-Jack WangGP-Jack Wang5 gün önce
  • Uploaded on my birthday... oof

    Henry HillHenry Hill6 gün önce
  • you should have privatised the channel so they wouldnt make money off of the claim. im not an expert so correct me if it would have led to other issues.

    NutflexNutflex8 gün önce
  • Mumbo got his paperwork and permission from one of his friends or something. That friend sampled Warner's music without Warner's permission. It is not Warner's fault but not Mumbo's either. Please be careful about legal things.

    info gamesinfo games8 gün önce
  • We're not even big enough to be monetized but we got it for no reason.

    MysteriousZodiacMysteriousZodiac9 gün önce
  • The copyright system is even more broken now

    The purge TrooperThe purge Trooper9 gün önce
  • Curse that man he got rid of his intro

    David BakkeDavid Bakke10 gün önce
  • It is happening to me with my lets play of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. TRvision, just stop it with these stupid copyright claims!!!! 😡

    Alex Molina93Alex Molina9311 gün önce
    • Alex Molina93 you are literally playing copyrighted music in your videos. Mumbos situation is different

      George ScottGeorge Scott2 gün önce
  • mumbo looks jfk

    ItsJJstyles [GD]ItsJJstyles [GD]11 gün önce
  • I can't see him with mustache

    kiran saikiran sai16 gün önce

    Reality RBReality RB18 gün önce
  • Man, fuck this new TRvision problem, I'm a small creator myself, although my chanel only has 35 subs I understand you and I wish there was something I could do to help.

    Games vovGames vov19 gün önce
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  • well the copyright system is just dum two mumbo jumbo they better make it right

    Andrew KurtzAndrew Kurtz20 gün önce
  • warner crappel

    「Gold2006」「Gold2006」20 gün önce
  • Outragous

    Jon SmithJon Smith21 gün önce
  • Do the companies that stole from you have to pay you back for any lost revenue?

    Jacob BraunfeldJacob Braunfeld21 gün önce
  • I'm sorry mumbo

    Avery RolstadAvery Rolstad22 gün önce
  • I just searched up the song and writer that I supposedly used in my video. (The video is unlisted at the moment.) This video, made OVER A YEAR AGO was the first video that popped up. This HAS NOT been fixed! Beware of this company.

    It'sElleIt'sElle23 gün önce
  • Fun fact: Windows ME is more stable than TRvision.

    A door with star on itA door with star on it23 gün önce
  • The conpony probibly want to get rid of you

    Bahgat ZakharyBahgat Zakhary23 gün önce
  • i know someone who wont copyright strike

    Michael HintzMichael Hintz23 gün önce
  • youtubes broke thats y

    Michael HintzMichael Hintz23 gün önce

    Jacob WorthingJacob Worthing24 gün önce

    Wbannie DylanWbannie Dylan24 gün önce
    • Thomas has never seen such bullsh*t before

      Ash VX mcAsh VX mc24 gün önce
  • Wait, your hair ISN’T black and you DON’T have mustache?? Mumbo you’ve. Megalovania

    Jeebus CrustJeebus Crust25 gün önce
  • You will get through this. I hope things are going to work out. I love your work.

    Clary FrayClary Fray25 gün önce
  • Nice house

    headgehoginator 1headgehoginator 125 gün önce
  • Liar you don't have a mustache

    Tela MoshtlodoTela Moshtlodo25 gün önce
  • So sad

    TrashDragonTrashDragon25 gün önce
  • Really sad to have a legend be attacked 😔

    thedude guymanthedude guyman25 gün önce
  • Why was this recommended NOW?

    Cristian Rodrigo dos SantosCristian Rodrigo dos Santos26 gün önce
  • i think we need a new youtube. a fair new website that isn't mad at life

    Luke HeltonLuke Helton26 gün önce
  • I want dat house

    Teague WinsellTeague Winsell26 gün önce
  • The only thing that is disturbing me is that he doesnt have a mustache

    ?Spectre¿?Spectre¿26 gün önce

    vq gamingvq gaming26 gün önce
  • I got this in my recommended 1 year after this video was published. I don't even watch mumbo... TRvision, what are you doing?

    Without a doubt your mom is a cowWithout a doubt your mom is a cow26 gün önce
  • I could have just written you a script that can auto dispute lol.

    Potato manPotato man26 gün önce
  • I miss the intro and outro music so much, I really hope he ca n get them back someday in the future

    Dawson CatonDawson Caton26 gün önce
  • Warner sucks

    Mason AlbersMason Albers27 gün önce
  • We could all submit false claims against Warner Chapelle videos. Does that mean, I'll get a percentage of Katy Perry songs? The potential implications of this video are pretty groundbreaking. Everyone rob the record companies with their own game.

    Colm ReynoldsColm Reynolds27 gün önce
  • Oof, Mumbo got pyrocynical’d

    Frost bot BotFrost bot Bot27 gün önce
    • I just realized this was from 2019 and TRvision just recommended it to me....

      Frost bot BotFrost bot Bot27 gün önce
  • Carryminati too

  • I'm sad that this is the first time I have seen you and you don't even have a moustache

    Mattatron 18Mattatron 1827 gün önce
  • True story:I was uploading a speedpaint, and it had songs in it. And guess what? TRvision TOOK DOWN MY VIDEO!!! Why? Because of one song.... sorry I sound immature.

    ᔕTᗩᖇᗯᗷEᖇᖇY ᗰIᒪKᔕTᗩᖇᗯᗷEᖇᖇY ᗰIᒪK27 gün önce
    • You think they would listen to an indie channel?

      ᔕTᗩᖇᗯᗷEᖇᖇY ᗰIᒪKᔕTᗩᖇᗯᗷEᖇᖇY ᗰIᒪK24 gün önce
    • do you even have permission to use that song?

      Muhammad Muharromi Susmay Albani _29Muhammad Muharromi Susmay Albani _2924 gün önce
  • those dislikes are from warner chapnell probably

    TheWorldWreckerTheWorldWrecker27 gün önce
  • Ok this is justa FACE REVEAL

    Tompok ChannelTompok Channel27 gün önce
    • his first face reveal was 6 years ago

      Irfan Iskandar 06Irfan Iskandar 0627 gün önce
  • We know Mumbo, we know.

    Someoneburn'tmechickennuggetsSomeoneburn'tmechickennuggets27 gün önce
  • How do those people sleep at night knowing that they took someones life work. YT sistem is broken

    Ammar ZunicAmmar Zunic27 gün önce
  • It's not broken, we are.

    aitoneoaitoneo27 gün önce
    • *MOMMMMM THANOS BROKE THE WORLD AGAIN!!!!* my mom: sorry sweetie but thanos did not do anything, TRvision is just being a a**hole

      Fire GamingFire Gaming27 gün önce
  • warner bros should be sued and taken down as a whole

    Discordalt1 okDiscordalt1 ok27 gün önce
  • 1:16 And I thought we were proud SHARING communists

    The Average CalifornianThe Average Californian27 gün önce
  • Warner Chapnell

    Jay MacJay Mac27 gün önce
  • Dam I’ll never watch ur videos the same way again this isn’t a guy who sits at a desk all day playing games this is a fucken movie star how did u end up in TRvision

    Luckless RainLuckless Rain27 gün önce
  • TRvision's copyright system isn't broken... The world is.

    Noam .MenasheNoam .Menashe27 gün önce
  • Why this vid get recommended now lol and I've already watched it as well

    Marcello TalbotMarcello Talbot27 gün önce
    • Marcello Talbot same!

      Ro Ryan#1Ro Ryan#126 gün önce
  • "This comment is claimed by me"

    Gaming With Tweet FishGaming With Tweet Fish27 gün önce
  • Me: Looks closer Also me: wait... they copyrighted hermitcraft?

    Viet NgoViet Ngo27 gün önce
  • the same bs happened to thefatrat

    SylOhSylOh27 gün önce

    Funtime Fred BoiFuntime Fred Boi28 gün önce
  • LIVE MUSIC 24/7LIVE MUSIC 24/728 gün önce
  • I can’t believe this

    Trevor DeppeTrevor Deppe28 gün önce
YouTube's copyright system is broken