Zara Larsson - Don't Worry Bout Me (Official Video)

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  • i love this song

    Okeu OctaviaOkeu Octavia3 saatler önce
  • Fake britney

    Ulduz TrsUlduz Trs18 saatler önce
  • cher lloyd - mia is out

    Thefol FloyesThefol FloyesGün önce
  • Dont come to any song because of any artist. just because of its melody, its lyric, its meaning

    Minh Thư NguyễnMinh Thư Nguyễn2 gün önce
  • This should've at least had 100M view

    Volt CatastropherVolt Catastropher2 gün önce
  • Don't Worry About ME TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF SHE IS ZARA LARRSON Bo0yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Mohamed Al-ithaMohamed Al-itha2 gün önce
  • omggg😍😍

    Noor OmarNoor Omar2 gün önce
  • Someone in October 2019? 👇

    Dusty exagerationDusty exageration3 gün önce
  • Don't worry about me😲

    Yonathan ZewdeYonathan Zewde3 gün önce
  • 難しくて分からなかったわ。

    たーちんじゅっげーむたーちんじゅっげーむ5 gün önce
  • Why tf is this so underrated

    David NguyenDavid Nguyen5 gün önce
  • *this video gives me marvel movie vibes 🤣*

    *・Hawt JiN ツ・**・Hawt JiN ツ・*6 gün önce
  • heard it at Forever21 thank you guys that you have this song in your playlist

    Alexandru PopoviciAlexandru Popovici6 gün önce
  • Beat same "take care"- drake ft rihanna

    Tiến Đạt NguyễnTiến Đạt Nguyễn6 gün önce
  • It's all billie eilish fault

    Annie LeBlancAnnie LeBlanc7 gün önce
  • This song didn't really need a music video in my opinion

    Annie LeBlancAnnie LeBlanc7 gün önce
  • Is she saying that she is sleeping on cake?

    Kyle WaidKyle Waid7 gün önce

    VICENTEVICENTE7 gün önce
  • She deserves a Grammy 😭

    CasterTroyeCasterTroye8 gün önce
  • Beautifully strong

    Christian O. HolzChristian O. Holz9 gün önce
  • Omg bitch yasssss

    Nik HarizNik Hariz9 gün önce
  • J'aime

    bourdon845bourdon8459 gün önce
  • Olá

    Bárbara MoreiraBárbara Moreira9 gün önce
  • do watch

    Prekshith KPrekshith K9 gün önce
  • I think Zara Larsson and Halsey should do a song together and collaborate together on a track together

    Melissa HamiltonMelissa Hamilton10 gün önce
  • her body here is what i would die for

    kha phamkha pham10 gün önce
  • I love you

    Marisa CansinoMarisa Cansino10 gün önce
  • Zarahellouprqfawxantou

    Ana LuizaAna Luiza10 gün önce
  • Nice singer videos..

    Usain MarmaUsain Marma11 gün önce

    Agus HariyonoAgus Hariyono12 gün önce
  • I love her voice❤!

    Katlyn VanceKatlyn Vance12 gün önce
  • Saludos a todos los latinos

    Enrique Peña NietoEnrique Peña Nieto12 gün önce
  • 2040?

    Enrique Peña NietoEnrique Peña Nieto12 gün önce
  • Love yooooooooouuuuuuuuuu Zara 🖤

    Morgana DemichelisMorgana Demichelis12 gün önce
  • Its alright. This song

    Nate SabharwalNate Sabharwal13 gün önce
  • channel success

    Status. comStatus. com13 gün önce

    AurelioJuarezCortez. AAurelioJuarezCortez. A14 gün önce
  • when one is incapable of singing is when their voice has to be distorted. Some producer found a fool to record. Some fool who allowed herself to be overtaken. However, she laughs all the way to the bank. Heeeeeee heeeeee

    mea fleahmea fleah14 gün önce
    • I normally agree with this, but I saw her last weekend at iheartradio in Vegas and she is way better live and can definitely sing. It's weird when someone is better live than recorded but it's true in her case, in my opinion lol

      Lacey MeyerLacey Meyer14 gün önce
  • Zara Larsson

    LET'S PLAYLET'S PLAY15 gün önce
  • Is good 🇩🇿👌👍👄👏

    Merzougui AminaMerzougui Amina16 gün önce
  • Teri maa di fudiii

    Fan A KAY DAFan A KAY DA16 gün önce
  • Only 18M? WTF?

    CinderellaCinderella16 gün önce
  • Don't worry about Zara she's doing fabulous....I Love Zara clothing line among other's clothing lines I Love Also....🤗♥️🌺 Currently September 2019...AMEN

    Miguelina aka Mikki OttoMiguelina aka Mikki Otto16 gün önce
  • Sounds like her voice went through a synthesizer first.

    Working GuyWorking Guy17 gün önce
  • *It's a crime how underrated this bop is* 😭

  • love u, addicted

    Girls LoveGirls Love18 gün önce
  • Alguien que es español aquí? En 2019?

    Rocío BelénRocío Belén18 gün önce

      gusitavo gusgusitavo gus12 gün önce
  • 🔥🔥Song is on repeat!! Zara is on 🔥 🔥🔥

    Kitt PhiKitt Phi18 gün önce
  • ❤️❤️❤️love your music ZaRa❤️❤️❤️

    Kitt PhiKitt Phi18 gün önce
  • why is this underrated:( this issa booopppp people cmon

    Garina SalsabilaGarina Salsabila18 gün önce
  • Who did that music base? I love it ^^

    SpanishGuyCookingSpanishGuyCooking18 gün önce
  • Saki is my uncle though..... They shouldn't have done that so fix it now you know our family is ok.... But I agree that family isnt the same as ours. He did marry my grandmother's sister zaki isnt saki but you should still have a sip

    Kono DutchKono Dutch18 gün önce
  • I'm like 98% sure this was filmed in the Biltmore hotel, aka one of America's most haunted hotels 😅😂 I'm actually amazed how many artists have done this place lately, but when you've got beautiful architecture I guess the ghost part can be ignored, right? 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Black0ut AngelBlack0ut Angel19 gün önce
  • Eleven after dumping Mike’s ass 😂 (Stranger Things reference)

    Aashna VishalAashna Vishal19 gün önce
  • Armys supporting this Queen💜👑

    lucia gabrielaalucia gabrielaa19 gün önce
  • This is the opposite song of uncover lol

    Lol_5005 LolLol_5005 Lol20 gün önce
  • i usually dont listen pop music but damn that's a nice song

    Oyun kanallarıOyun kanalları21 gün önce
  • good work

    Alfonso RodriguezAlfonso Rodriguez21 gün önce
  • extended version. please

    Alfonso RodriguezAlfonso Rodriguez21 gün önce
  • I’m here because I heard this in co-op 😂 Like if ur from the 🇬🇧

    Mulki AbdulkadirMulki Abdulkadir22 gün önce
  • Stay amazing as you are and dont let the starlights turn you crazy, you are truely amazing remember that! Thanks for being part in my life (your music).

    Elad AElad A22 gün önce
  • Me encanta !!!

    MirabegiraMirabegira22 gün önce
  • La música es un regalo de los dioses y este tema es brutal

    Jaime CortésJaime Cortés22 gün önce
  • Zara I love you

    Ibtihal BellaIbtihal Bella22 gün önce
  • This is how many people love her and the creation behinh her lyrics | | | | |

    Awais AlhuqAwais Alhuq22 gün önce

    J PassionJ Passion22 gün önce
  • I got 1 minute none-skip AD. 1 like = 1 prayer

    Maciej MatogaMaciej Matoga24 gün önce
  • this song deserves so much more

    Amine AGAmine AG24 gün önce
  • iLou❤You

    Mouhcine DakMouhcine Dak24 gün önce
  • This song on a late night drive on an some what close to empty road, windows down, nice cool breeze, and the bass bumping with the vocals a little higher than usual, makes this the best damn song to think to and just enjoy the moment you are in. Can’t express enough how many deep thoughts I’ve had with this song.

    Marcelo MelendezMarcelo Melendez24 gün önce
Zara Larsson - Don't Worry Bout Me (Official Video)